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Is that you Superintendent?

Superintendent Marten in Kensington

Since June of 2014, District Deeds has identified, exposed and  reported a HUGE number of lies, mistruths, falsehoods, deceptions, evasions, distortions and flat out fibs by San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Supt. Cindy Marten and Trustee Marne Foster.

The most recent “fabrication” by Marten is profiled in an article by Mario Koran in the Voice of San Diego (VOSD).  This newly discovered distortion of the truth is an anecdote by Marten from a community meeting she attended in the Franklin Elementary area of Kensington/Talmadge where, as usual, Marten was trying to take credit for something she had NOTHING to do with.

Full Disclosure:  As we have shown in About District Deeds, we have served as a volunteer at Franklin Elementary for over 13 years in various capacities so we have an extensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges at the school.

Marten fabricated the following “fantasy” about her recent (and ONLY) outreach for Franklin Elementary in the past 10 years:

Here’s what Marten told school district officials:

“There was a real estate agent, who, whenever she sold homes in the Kensington neighborhood would say, ‘Great, buy your house here. But as soon as your kids turn 5, you’ll have to go to another school.’ Like, try to avoid looking at Franklin because she didn’t think it was a great school.”

Marten said that, after the meeting, that real estate agent began sending fliers featuring Franklin’s principal.

Supt. Marten Statement in VOSD

The VOSD proved that the Marten story was a complete fabrication through eyewitness testimony of the Franklin Principal and the accused Real Estate Agent!

Instead of being a chance to show the Franklin Community how GREAT the school REALLY is, Marten was exposed as a blowhard, opportunistic liar that will say anything to fit the narrative that she is in some way competent as Superintendent.

The Franklin Elementary Community has worked hard over the last 10 years (WITHOUT the help of Marten) to make the school a strong option for local families with fantastic support by a host of community volunteers.

From the

Franklin Garden

Franklin Elementary Garden


TK-K Lego Hearts3

Family Thursdays



Marching in the Kensington Memorial Day Parade

Franklin Elementary, through all that hard work over a decade has become a dual track STEAM Magnet…and a STRONG option for local families.

Marten has seriously damaged that effort because she CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH.

But is this news?

Not really.

Marten has a HABIT of lying to the SDUSD Board of Education, to the  San Diego County Grand Jury and even to the SDUSD Students by promising them a Scholarship 2 years ago that never materialized.

Fortunately the ONLY time Marten is lying is when HER LIPS ARE MOVING.

What Can Make San Diego Unified Supt. Marten STOP LYING?


Cover ups and lies are the ONLY way she can survive in a job she OBVIOUSLY cannot handle.

The BETTER question:

What can make Cindy Marten stop lying to the Students, Parents, Teachers and the rest of SDUSD Stakeholders?

1 of 3 things:

1. Removal by the Board of Education for lying to them and breaking multiple Board Bylaws.

Will NEVER happen – Marten is their perfect inexperienced and inept patsy

2.  Conviction of a crime.

MIGHT  Happen – Maybe there is even MORE evidence to tie Marten to some of the Trustee Marne Foster Violations!


BEST Chance – Good fit for a career hungry, opportunist with little talent.

Hey Cindy…Los Angeles Unified is looking for a Superintendent.

Here is the link: Los Angeles Unified School District Human Resources

District Deeds…and over 200,000 SDUSD Stakeholders will give you a GREAT recommendation!



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