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Which is Foster and Which is Marten?

At 4:30 today, the self serving Marne Accused and Marten Accomplice – the M&A Twins – will attempt to convince all the San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders that they really aren’t as inept and corrupt as the overwhelming evidence shows when they present their annual “Dog & Pony Show’, better known as the “State of the District” address

The SDUSD website offered this:

“Board President Marne Foster and Superintendent Cindy Marten will report on district accomplishments, share the vision for public education in San Diego, and outline goals for 2015-16.”

SDUSD Description of their “Dog & Pony Show’

District Deeds TRANSLATES here:

“Marne Accused and her Marten Accomplice will attempt to cover up all of their misdeeds, misadventure and improper activities, share their myopic 20-20 Vision dogma, and outline goals that will be impossible to track, measure or report in any factual way to avoid Accountability and Transparency.”

District Deeds Translation of the annual SDUSD “Dog & Pony Show

One thing that you can be sure of with BOTH of the M&A Twins…if their lips are moving they are lying.

Is that you Superintendent?

Is that you Superintendent?

Last year District Deeds exposed all of the lies and omissions in a 3 Part series called

The REAL State of the District 2014: Rotten to the Common Core – The HUGE Marten Cover-Up“:

Part 1: Marten, Ravitch and Duncan – OH MY!

Part 2:  Counterfeit Ruby Slippers

Part 3:  The Riddle, the Mystery, the Enigma, the Motive

District Deeds suggests that you read all three parts of the 2014 series to prepare yourself for the flood of misinformation, disinformation and false promises you can spot in this years show.

Also, pay attention to what the M&A Twins DO NOT MENTION.

Last year Marten didn’t mention “Common Core”…the BIGGEST educational initiative facing the SDUSD in 2014/2015.

We will be checking to see what the M&A Twins AVOID mentioning this year and will be following up with an analysis in the next week.

Stay Tuned!


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