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Through a public records request, District Deeds has discovered that San Diego Unified Trustee Marne Foster had her son on “Free and Reduced Lunch” despite making OVER $110,000 per year…and apparently her “Common App Ghostwriter” Counselor Megan Blum even tried to get her more “freebies” at the expense of the poorest SCPA Students!

According to Foster’s SDUSD Biography, “She has been a community college teacher for 14 years

Transparent California shows Foster made $76,247 in salary and benefits as an instructor in 2014 – within 3-5% of her 2013 Salary:

Foster Instructor Salary 2014

Foster makes an additional $34,176 as an SDUSD Board Member:

Foster BOE Salary 2013

In addition, according to Foster’s California Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interests, Foster made an additional $2,000 to $10,000.  Accounting for the 3% – 5% less salary as an instructor in 2013 than 2014, we will count only $2,000 from outside income.

Here is her income calculation:

Trustee Marne Foster Salary 2013
San Diego Community College District Instructor $76,247
SDUSD Trustee $34,176
Miscellaneous Income $2,000
Total Income $112,423

Through a public records request, District Deeds found that former SCPA Middle School Counselor Megan Blum, the same SCPA Counselor that improperly provided the sealed Common Application to Foster, had to request an SAT/ACT fee waiver from Head High School Counselor Kim Abagat below:

Foster Fee Waiver001

There are a very limited number of fee waivers for SAT/ACT Tests (amounting to over a $50 discount) reserved only for for those financially disadvantaged students that qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch…in other words…families below or near the poverty level.  Here are the Fee-Waiver Eligibility Guidelines from the College Board:

Fee Waiver Guidelines

OBVIOUSLY Foster was trying to get a Fee Waiver via Blum and knew about the strict Free and Reduced Lunch qualification criteria.  In the Fee Waiver packet, the ONLY way Foster could even apply is because she had dishonestly placed her son on FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH WHEN SHE WAS MAKING OVER $110,000.00 in salary and benefits!

The request by Foster for a fee waiver is damning evidence.

Not only that.  If Marne Foster….the SELF STYLED “Marne the Mom”…actually DID successfully acquire that scarce fee waiver reserved for the poorest of SCPA Students by posing as “at or below the poverty line”, her greed has truly become legendary.

“Marne the Mom” is really “Marne the Moocher“! 

Add this to the improper Tuition and Political Fundraisers and the $250,000 claim, there is becoming a LONG LIST of Foster VIOLATIONS that prove she is only concerned about taking HER FINANCIAL SHARE FIRST before the poorest students and families in the SDUSD!


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