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San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders HAVE HAD ENOUGH of the misdeeds of Trustee Marne Foster!

In a San Diego Union Tribune Community Essay published 9/11/15 called “Community essay: Foster should leave“, Ms. Gloria Tran, described by the UT as “a child advocate and the 77th Assembly District’s Woman of the Year 2015″came out strongly in calling for Marne Foster to resign.

Ms Tran covered much of the territory that Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Community Members, Taxpayers, the Union Tribune, the Voice of San Diego, multiple TV and Radio stations, District Deeds and others have been announcing since June, 2014.

District Deeds AGREES with virtually EVERY statement that Ms. Tran made but felt compelled to share with her and the UT readers THE REST OF THE STORY.

Here is our Comment:

Thank you for your honest assessment of the negative and destructive impact of Marne Foster on the SDUSD. I have not met you, although I have also volunteered on multiple committees and attended hundreds of District meetings.
The only part you have missed is the involvment of her DIRECT SDUSD employee accomplices in breaking the federal, state, county and District rules.
The Principals and staff that Marne “helped terminate” were ACTUALLY improperly terminated primarily by Supt. Cindy Marten. Marten also knew of her interference improperly at SCPA and Lincoln and DID NOT REPORT THAT TO THE REST OF THE BOARD!.
The other operational accomplice is Lamont Jackson who, as Martens henchman, earlier as a Human Resource Manager and later as an Area Superintendent, carried out the terminations and paperwork to cover the tracks.
You may not have the energy or resources to Recall Marne (and neither do I). I agree that is what we need to do…at least virtually. To that end I will be announcing shortly a “Recall Marne Foster” petition my Frank Engle District Deeds blog.
Meanwhile your support and advocacy is needed to tell Kevin Beiser and any other Board Member you know to get rid of the accomplices-both Cindy Marten and Lamont Jackson – so they can no longer negatively impact the SDUSD and destroy the working environment for Teachers and Staff.

Thank you for your bravery in stepping up with your opinion and for all your service as a SDUSD volunteer.

You will notice in our comment that we mentioned a RECALL MARNE FOSTER Petition.

Here it is:


Here is the link to forward to all your friends, relatives and colleagues:



Please sign NOW for the good of ALL Stakeholders, especially STUDENTS!

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