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At 12:20 pm, September 2, 2015 as this is being posted, a fake collaborative “intervention” based on a La Jolla High Teacher Survey called by SDUSD Supt. Cindy Martens’ Henchman Mitzi Merino is taking place at La Jolla High School.  This IS NOT good news to anyone familiar with the disingenuous Area Superintendent.

District Deeds has anonymously received the invitation and results of a Teacher Survey that shows  the deep rift between the outside perception by most non-Teacher School Site and SDUSD Stakeholders and the actual EXPERIENCES of those who know the School Site Culture on the inside the best…the TEACHERS.

Apparently Marten Henchman –  Area Supt. Mitzi Merino – caught wind of the widespread discontent of Principal Podhorsky (another “handpicked” autocratic Marten selection) and decided to implement one of Merino’s CLASSIC Site Interventions.

First, let us define Henchmana trusted follower or supporter who performs unpleasant, wrong, or illegal tasks for a powerful person (such as a politician or criminal) (Merriam Webster)

Not ALL Area Superintendents are currently defined as “Marten Henchmen”…in fact, only 2 hold that designation…Lamont Jackson and Mitzi Merino.

Jackson earned that designation by his blind obedience and proven lies and deception to SDUSD Stakeholders in the Marten/Foster Grand Jury fiasco.

Merino earned her designation and proved her “intervention” skills of “bait and switch” deception at San Diego HighField Elementary and numerous fake “Principal Selection Committees” where she betrayed the trust of thousands of SDUSD stakeholders as a sycophant of the incompetent Marten.

This time Merino called an intervention “meeting” to PROTECT a hand picked Principal of Marten (since Marten has FIRED over 100 of the Principals with integrity and better credentials than Marten in 2 years)…quite a switch from the backstabbing role she normally takes in GETTING RID OF HIGHLY QUALIFIED PRINCIPALS.


Apparently Merino has guaranteed “no reprisals against staff for taking part.”

Think “Used Car Saleswoman”.

All District Deeds can suggest is for the Teachers at La Jolla High to talk to Teachers, Staff and Principals at San Diego High and other schools who have previously taken the “BAIT” of Merino wanting “open and honest input.”  It is input that could put you OUT of the  SDUSD for being honest.

It will be interesting to see if Merino can hoodwink ALL the Teachers at La Jolla High with false promises, bait and switch and deception to allow the Principal to be ruled by Marten and the select elites that run the school at the expense of the Teachers, staff and all “non-elite”, regular Stakeholders.

La Jolla High School Stakeholders Beware!

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