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San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board

The San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board in an editorial titled “Blame Marne Foster’s Enablers, Too” they call the SDUSD run by incompetent Supt. Cindy Marten a “government management disaster”.

District Deeds commented on the Editorial…here is our posting:

“Thank you San Diego UT Editorial Board! I have been blogging about the total mismanagement of the SDUSD by the Cindy Marten administration since the removal of Principal Lizzaraga last year at SCPA.

I would say that Marten is not merely an “enabler”…she is a co-conspirator since Foster CANNOT do anything operationally without her direct assistance and approval. Lamont Jackson directly reports to Cindy Marten.

I was happy to see that you provided the proof of the Facebook link on Fosters profile that served as a multimillion dollar portal using the District website to funnel contributors and vendors to her fundraising

A few things you missed that I cover in my District Deeds blog:

– Foster ALSO used the SDUSD website as a Facebook portal for RE-ELECTION FUNDRAISING. It is against the law for ANY Board member to use District resources to fundraise…the District attorney needs to investigate this violation.

– The removal of Principal Lizarraga WAS NOT the first improper school site intervention by Foster that was aided by Marten. There are at least two other occasions that Foster intervened directly with Site Staff and directly removed Site management personnel improperly through the willing support of Marten and Lamont Jackson without good cause.

– The other four Trustees MUST demand disciplinary action against Marten and Jackson. Marten and Jackson are EMPLOYEES of the District, not elected officials, and should be held to the same high level of ethics that ALL SDUSD employees must adhere to. Marten and Jackson ARE NOT IMMUNE employees just because they have friends in high places.

You are right..Beiser, McQuary, Barrera and Evans must NOT look the other way…but MARTEN IS NOT part of that group and should also be penalized (up to termination) for her improper, voluntary support of illegal, immoral and unethical actions initiated by Foster.

San Diego UT Editorial Board – keep up the good work on this investigation…and get some of your investigative reporters on your staff to do more of the same!!!”

District Deeds hopes that Trustees Beiser, McQuary, Barrera and Evans take the advice of the UT and investigate further…along with all levels of City, County, State and Federal Prosecutors and Grand Juries.

It is about time for their ABUSE to stop…PERMANENTLY!!! 

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