Today is the 1 year Anniversary of the Birth of District Deeds!

One year ago, June 26, 2014 we published our 1st post titled:

Waiting for Super…er…The San Diego Unified School Board to Reassign Principal Lizarraga to SCPA

The subsequent District Deeds posts exposed how the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Board of Education, through manipulation by Elementary School Superintendent Marten and Trustee Meddlin’ Marne Foster, ultimately decided to “reassign” Principal Lizarraga away from SCPA…and who later took a prestigious Principal position at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, one of the top Arts Education High Schools in the United States described here: Mitzi Lizarraga Chosen to Head Nationally Renowned Arts High School in Los Angeles!

After a year long San Diego Grand Jury investigation the end result, aided by the Private and Public Testimony of numerous SCPA and District Stakeholders including the brave testimony by SDUSD Teachers, Counselors, Administrators and Staff along with the District Deeds launch (beginning with the 1st simple District Deeds 117 word posting) culminated in a San Diego County Grand Jury Report confirming the inappropriate intervention by Grand Jury Accused Trustee Marne Foster and Grand Jury Accomplice Superintendent Cindy Marten here:


And here…

NEWS FLASH!  San Diego Union Tribune Editorial: Foster, Marten Have Explaining To Do

Over the past year, this story, and the many others, shining transparency on the blunders, misrepresentations, disrespect and lies inflicted on committed Parents and Students, dedicated SDUSD Principals, Teachers and Staff, and the taxpaying, concerned Community Stakeholders has drawn a wide range of District Deeds readership.

Also over the past year we have been HONORED to have THOUSANDS of Readers and and over 40,000 VIEWS from the following groups:

  • Stakeholders: Parents – Teachers – Students – Principals – Staff – Community Members –  from every school in the San Diego Unified School District
  • Administrators and Staff in the SDUSD Central Office
  • SDUSD Board Members – Both Current and Former
  • Stakeholders from School Districts in every State in the United States
  • Elected Local, State and Federal Government Officials
  • National Education Activists
  • Citizens of the following Countries:

Countries 1 yr 2

THANK YOU again to ALL our readers…we are looking forward to the coming year to make the decisions of the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education Trustees Richard Barrera, John Lee Evans, Kevin Beiser, Marne Foster and Mike McQuary and the Administration of Superintendent Cindy Marten MUCH MORE TRANSPARENT AND ACCOUNTABLE to ALL SDUSD Stakeholders – Parents – Teachers – Principals – Administrators – Staff and Communities….and especially to the STUDENTS!