District Deeds is excited to announce our 1st Annual “Name The Photobomber” Contest!  We are looking for you, the readers of District Deeds to give a Nickname to the Photobomber in the picture above.

We all know how much Cindy Marten loves to have her picture taken.  So much so that in Hey Cindy—Wrong Field! we had to tell her she was a Superintendent, not a Super Model!

In addition to Super Model, District Deeds has also referred to Marten as Monarch and Elementary School Superintendent.

We have even provided her own Crest of Arms!

Marten Crest

It is now YOUR chance to give the photo obsessed Marten a Nickname.

All you have to do is send an email to districtdeeds@gmail.com with your suggested nickname for Marten and a brief reason why you chose that nickname.  On Sunday, May 30, 2015 we will announce the winner based on creativeness and accuracy.

If your nickname is chosen, it will be posted on the Banner of District Deeds AND you will receive a collector District Deeds T Shirt!  ALL identities of entries will be held COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL unless you want your name to be published.

Let’s get this contest started!