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The SDUSD-Marten PURGE Continues-District Deeds has learned from anonymous sources that 9 or more of the Pink Slips and private personal information sent to the 15 Principals were actually sent to the WRONG ADDRESS… to another PRINCIPAL or another District Employee, Stakeholder or Community Member…a Major PINK SLIP BLUNDER!

Even though we’d expect only about 18 people to know about this (meaning the 9 Principals Pink Slipped and the 9 Principals/Individuals who received them in error), there are certainly more employees (both certificated and classified), relatives and other interested parties who are aware of it.

District Deeds started this SDUSD-Marten PURGE discussion with:

The SDUSD-Marten PURGE Has Begun – Say Goodbye To Your Highly Qualified Principals and Vice Principals Before They Disappear



The PURGE travesty continues and this PINK SLIP BLUNDER is a total breach of employer/employee personnel confidentiality and a MAJOR LEGAL RISK!

In addition, because of the Pink Slip Blunder, the SDUSD missed the California Education Code 44951 March 15th Deadline for Principal Pink Slip notification and ALL of the 9 will be paid a FULL PRINCIPAL SALARY for an additional year…whether they are employed by the SDUSD at a lower position or not.

This MAJOR Pink Slip Blunder by the Elementary Principal Superintendent Marten administration could cost the Stakeholders of the SDUSD AND San Diego Taxpayers OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS alone in salaries…not counting any resulting lawsuit damages!!!

If this anonymous tip turns out to be accurate, this major breach of the Principals Personnel confidentiality not only shatters the standard excuse of “confidentiality” that Marten and the Board regularly use to avoid transparency, but also virtually destroys any semblance of trust that SDUSD employees may have in the inexperienced Marten to be a FULLY CAPABLE DISTRICT LEADER and do anything more in her job than to ineffectively re-align curriculum.

We are sure that if Marten and her administration are asked if this tip is accurate they will, as usual, use “Confidentiality” as their excuse and shield for their cover up by refusing to answer.

How unfortunate and unfair that the highly qualified educators who were on the receiving end of this Pink Slip Blunder were NOT granted the same level of “Confidentiality” that Marten and her Crony Inner Circle so often hide behind.

How unfortunate and unfair that SDUSD Stakeholders and San Diego Taxpayers are stuck paying the MILLION DOLLAR bill for Marten’s total lack of administrative experience and competence.

All District Deeds can say, as we have said since June of 2014

Welcome to the Elementary School Superintendent world of Cindy Marten…where Marten gets great performance reviews and pay raises by the Board of Education while SDUSD Stakeholders and Taxpayers foot the bill for her administrative incompetence!

More news about the Pink Slips is coming in by the hour from concerned SDUSD Stakeholders…keep checking the District Deeds blog for new information or sign up to “follow” the blog at the bottom of this page for UP TO THE MINUTE UPDATES!

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