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THE SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT PURGE HAS BEGUN!!!!  There is absolutely NO WAY for ANY SDUSD Stakeholder to know whether or not ANY of their highly qualified current Principals or Vice-Principals will exist on their School Site in 60 days when Elementary School Superintendent Marten and her Cronies are through.

On June 26th, 2014 District Deeds began this blog with a post called Waiting for Super…er…The San Diego Unified School Board to Reassign Principal Lizarraga to SCPA.  Thousands of SCPA and SDUSD Stakeholders were kept completely in the dark as to what was going to happen with our highly credentialed, respected and nationally renowned Principal.

In the months following that post we proceeded to expose and memorialize the lies, deception, cover-ups and hidden selection process that eliminated all stakeholder input that was in opposition to the predetermined Marten and Crony inner circle candidate for ALL Principal and Vice principal positions.

The District Deeds posts most relevant to the Marten suspension of all ethical hiring practices for Principals last year include:

NONE of the tactics, strategies, community outcry/involvement, personal appeals, emails petitions or requests moved the intransigent, insecure Marten and Board of Education to adjust their staffing position.  The fake selection process imposed by Marten is a moral and personal affront to EVERY SDUSD Stakeholder…and Marten is in the process of DOING IT AGAIN…in an even MORE DEMEANING AND DISRESPECTFUL way to the Principals and Vice principals that have guided our children so effectively all year!!!

The NEW Marten PURGE Process is as follows:

Pink Slips for termination of their employment have already gone out to ALL Vice Principals and to a selected unfortunate few Principals.

But getting a Pink Slip is only the beginning of the humiliation for these highly qualified educators…many of whom have educational credentials FAR EXCEEDING those of Marten and her Crony inner circle.

The Principals and Vice Principals who are vying for a new position in 2015/16 will be figuratively THROWN INTO A TOXIC HIRING “POOL” without a human resource or union preserver.  Because the SDUSD is REQUIRED BY CONTRACT to provide an interview to SDUSD Administrator Union Candidates, a typical “fake” interview process has been devised by Marten to circumvent the spirit and the ethics of “hiring from within”.

The interview Marten has initiated is what personnel managers in the business describe as a “CATTLE CALL”.  Groups of candidates are interviewed together at the same time, hearing each others answers, by a group of Marten hand-picked confederates.  The highly educated and credentialed candidates are asked a few basic questions (less than 5) and must limit their answers…usually to less than 3 three minutes.  If they exceed their allotted time in answering a question, they are rudely cut off and not allowed to continue their answer.

This 8 – 15 minutes in the “Cattle Call” is the Marten and SDUSD version of Human Resource Selection and Placement for Principals.

Is it any wonder that morale and trust of SDUSD Senior Leadership is at an all time low?

Is it any wonder that there is such a “Brain Drain” in the SDUSD as we described here: SDUSD Brain Drain

Once this “Cattle Call” has concluded, the SDUSD has completed their contractual obligation and then can place any of the candidates they interviewed or outside candidates at any school they would like after running  candidates through the  Principal Selection Side Show we described last summer ( SDUSD Principal Selection Side Show Series (2 installments))

ALL SDUSD Stakeholders – Teachers – Parents – Students – Administrators – Staff – Community Members MUST REALIZEdespite SDUSD propaganda to the contrary…when Marten and her Cronies select Principals and Vice Principals:

  • Years of experience doesn’t matter.
  • Exemplary collaboration and support of the school community doesn’t matter
  • Communication in person, by email, and by petition by the community to the Board of Education doesn’t matter
  • Educational credentials are BANNED and can actually be a NEGATIVE IF they are greater than the minimal educational credentials of Marten…which means you MUST NOT have more than a teaching credential.

ALL PRINCIPAL and VICE PRINCIPAL CANDIDATES – Here are ways to increase your odds of being promoted:

The Principal/Vice Principal Candidate must NOT have an original thought or concept that is in opposition to the Marten regime…you MUST DRINK the Marten Edubabble Kool Aid!  An “offense of free speech or thought” will not only seriously damage your promotion opportunities but WILL put you on the PURGE LIST!

The only exception to this rule is if you are ALREADY a Marten or Board Member CRONY.

As a Teacher or Administrator, if you have sold out one of your fellow administrators to Marten…or collaborated with an inappropriate intervention in your school by a Board Member...or betrayed one of your fellow teachers, Marten and the “selection committee” may consider you a potential CRONY and promote you despite any of your educational abilities.

One last thing…IF you are selected as a NEW Principal or Vice principal…you MUST be ready, willing and able to lie on behalf of Marten IF you want to KEEP the job you worked so hard to get.

There are many ways to do it…you can lie by omission…you can say you are confused with the district direction…you can conveniently neglect to correct errors in communication….JUST DO IT!

THIS is the ONE PLACE Marten will allow you to be Creative and think outside of the box she and her Crony administration has put you in!

Once you are selected, enjoy your new position…you are safe from the Marten PURGE for at least another year…unless you try and voice an original thought!

One more thing – NEVER complain about additional workload created by the total disorganization and ineptness of the Marten administration and its edicts.  To quote Marten:  “If you have too much on your plate, get a platter”…stark insight into a weak, insecure leader who pretends to really care about her employees and promote “collaboration”!

For the rest of us Stakeholders…don’t forget to say goodbye to your favorite Principal or Vice Principal before the Marten PURGE finalizes in June…especially if they are talented, credentialed or creative…

In other words…

Especially if they are an intellectual threat to the insecure, inexperienced Marten.