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Marten CrestAs outlined in our previous article regarding the School Calendar Change blog post (Link:  http://wp.me/p4LD0L-fN)  Monarch Marten and her Puppeteer Board of Education through manipulation of the Calendar Committee have a recommendation to move the School Start Date on the Calendar to 8/31/15 BEFORE Labor Day.  The vote for the change is item H5 on the agenda for the Board of Education Meeting tomorrow night, 12/9/14.

Despite using a non-scientific, non statistically accurate robocall poll, and strategically positioning their choice of 8/31/15 as the first choice, the majority of responders chose to start school on September 8, AFTER Labor Day.  Here is the Robocall Report for the responses from the District: Attachment 9 – Parent Phone Survey Results

District Deeds Recommendation:

Since many families use the summer through Labor Day for a wide variety of activities to strengthen family bonds including vacations, visits to relatives and shared visitation agreements, and even with the slanted questioning on the robocall survey, the majority of responders preferred 9/6/15,  this issue needs much further review by a much wider representative group of SDUSD Families and the decision should be made upon the needs of the 120,000 Students and Families, not the needs of the adults employed by the District.  The District should take the right amount of time for the most widely family supported decision with COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY.

Let’s see what this typically non-responsive, secretive Superintendent Marten and Board of Education actually do.

We expect they will they RAM 8/31/15 DOWN THE THROATS OF SDUSD FAMILIES despite their own survey, using the inappropriately structured Calendar Committee as their excuse and for cover.  

We will let you know…