Marten Crest

It has been reported to District Deeds that many SDUSD Students and other Stakeholders including Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Staff and Community Members proudly represented their Schools, Organizations and the District in the historic La Jolla Christmas Parade. Here is a Program listing all the participants in the event: La Jolla Christmas Parade Program

If you recall, there were a number of news reports of how Monarch Marten tried to bully and intimidate the La Jolla Christmas Parade Committee into changing the name of the historic event by not allowing  these well deserving students in School Bands and, most likely, other SDUSD sponsored groups like Cheer Squads and Girl Scouts, to participate and perform in the parade.  Here is one of the articles: http://www.10news.com/news/san-diego-unified-superintendent-wants-parade-name-changed-09162014

Luckily, Marten was the one to be intimidated, like most bullies, when her bluff was called.  Despite her blundering, no students were harmed and she was forced to back down.

Just another case of ego and over reach by this incompetent bully Elementary School Superintendent Marten.

Merry Christmas Cindy!