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BOEMer:  See https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/news-release-a-new-sdusd-senior-leadership-acronym-the-boemer/

How ironic that on the same day that SDUSD Stakeholders were trying to express their dismay at getting BOEMered by Marten and Foster regarding improper site interference by a Board member (with no BOE discussion or oversight) in removing high achieving Principals at SCPA and Lincoln through a sign on a passenger vehicle at the Ed Center, the Board of Education got BOEMERED THEMSELVES by Cindy Marten when they found out she approved (with NO BOE discussion or oversight) a military-grade Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP)!!!

(see: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2014/sep/11/san-diego-unified-school-board-not-notified-about-/ )

Here is a good NATIONAL perspective on the uninformed, inadequate decision making by Marten to approve the MRAP that shows the “doctored” photo by the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Office:


A quote from the VICE article above can be applied to the current Marten leadership:

“A tank is cartoonish,” said Macy. “It gives the school a false sense of security.”

Since Marten is so fond of photo-ops, maybe we can get the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Department to snap a picture of Marten in the MRAP in a helmet with a goofy grin a la Mike Dukakis 1988:


The multiple Federal, State, County and City Emergency Response resources worth millions of dollars were just not enough protection apparently for Cindy Marten, Elementary Principal turned Superintendent.  

This is somewhat understandable since the only fleet of vehicles that she had managed at Central Elementary before her promotion was the golf cart the custodian used at her school. 

According to the “Community Based Reform Model” espoused so fervently by Marten, the first sentence of the description on the SDUSD website (see:  http://www.sandi.net/Page/29665) is:

The community-based reform model is based on proven research based strategies”

OBVIOUSLY Marten neglects to actually practice what she pretends to preach (half truths anyone?) to use “proven research based strategies” for decision making.

Simple research via the key phrase “MRAP in Communities” on Google shows “About 91,900 results” for articles outlining reasons communities DON”T WANT AND DON’T NEED MRAP’s.

That explains a lot of the poor decisions she has made prior to this debacle.  

Combine that with the fact that she neglected to even CONSIDER or ASK the School Site Community or Board of Education how they felt about the MRAP, we see a clear picture of this supposed educational leader.

Marten determined, with NO research and no Stakeholder or BOE collaboration, to approve an MRAP that used staff time and effort to acquire it through a government program instead of using that time and effort to find government programs and grants for funds to actually serve SDUSD Students like:

  • Fund GATE
  • Fund 6th Grade Camp
  • Fund Balboa Park Enrichment
  • Fund Old Town Enrichment

BOE Members were reportedly OUTRAGED that they were not consulted over this massive (figuratively AND literally) blunder by Marten.  

Unfortunately there has been no similar outrage by the BOE for numerous BOEMers and blunders by Marten communicated by thousands of SDUSD Stakeholders to the BOE that negatively impacted numerous SDUSD school sites and hundreds of thousands of Students, Teachers, Parents Principals, Staff and Community Members.

How does it feel Board of Education Members Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans, Richard Barrera, Scott Barnett and especially Marne Foster to be on the receiving end of UNILATERAL, NON-COLLABORATING, SECRETIVE DECISION MAKING by this incompetent Superintendent Marten?

Outside of the “doctored” photo, it will be interesting to see how the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Department tries to cover up her insubordinate behavior towards the BOE…which in other organizations, are grounds for immediate termination.

SDUSD Board of Education  – It is too late to revoke the extra year on her contract and your glowing evaluation that you delivered to her while the unapproved MRAP was actually being delivered to the SDUSD without your knowledge.

The joke is on you BOE…you got the first recorded DOUBLE BOEMer!  

As long as Marten is Superintendent, you better get used to it and..