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Channel 10 San Diego broadcast a story today regarding a sign outside of the San Diego Unified School District Education Center saying “VOTE OUT MEDDLING MARNE FOSTER”.  Here is the Channel 10 Video Report Video Report:


The reporter, Mr. Michael Chen,  interviewed Ms. Sally Smith about the improper operational intervention at Lincoln by Foster (confirmed in the newscast by Principal Omogbehin’s attorney) and myself about the rumored improper operational intervention by Foster at SCPA.  The newscast effectively tied the removals of the two highly credentialed principals to the common thread of Marne Foster intervention.

Back on June 29th, in the 3rd posting  called “ Lincoln & SCPA…The Smoking Gun?” was published on the District Deeds Blog …here is the link:    https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/lincoln-and-scpa-the-smoking-gun/

The main difference between the two stories is that the other common threads, not mentioned in the Channel 10 newscast, was the fact that CINDY MARTEN, as SDUSD Superintendent, was the person responsible for BOTH removals as part of her duties.  And the FULL Board of Education APPROVED it!

In the broadcast I stated that a full independent investigation into both removals is required.

However the full independent investigation MUST NOT allow the SDUSD Public Relations/Quality Assurance Propaganda Machine to spin the story away from the other collaborators (Marten and the Board) or pin ALL the responsibility on Foster alone.

Marten’s part in this improper action should be investigated…why would she take direction from only 1 Board Member (outside of her obvious inexperience)?

And why would ALL the other Board Members – Beiser – Evans – Barrera – Barnett – even consider approving this improper intervention in both cases with hundreds of calls, emails, petition signatures and presentations to the Board warning them of the improper activity?

Lots of questions…but not many answers…yet.

Stay Tuned.