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District Deeds is grateful to ALL San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Teachers and Educational Support Staff that have dedicated their careers to the education to our most valuable asset…the Students that they teach, mentor and inspire every single day.

In the spirit of SDUSD Stakeholder solidarity on National Teacher Appreciation Week 2023, we are reaching out to ALL SDUSD Teachers and Educational Support Staff to join our San Diego Unified 2023 “HAT Trick” Resolution of FULL Honesty, Accountability and Transparency!!!


Our HAT TRICK Request to Teachers and Educational Support Staff:

Over the past 9 years as we have been publishing District Deeds, a large number of your Teacher and Educational Support Staff colleagues have provided us extremely important information that has forced the corrupt SDUSD Board of Education and Senior Leadership to correct their vindictive and harmful practices towards Students, Familes, Teachers and Staff alike.

District Deeds is proud to say that those brave individuals have been completely sheilded by our strict policy of confidentiality and, if needed, anonymity against retribution by the corrupt leaders in charge of the SDUSD.  On this week we especially celebrate those Teacher/Support Staff whistleblower heroes.

Our HAT TRICK Resolution request to ALL Teachers and Educational Staff today is for you to follow the District Deeds/SDUSD version of the Homeland Security motto below from their own web page:

The two components of the District Deeds HAT TRICK Resoluition initiative for SDUSD Honesty, Accountability and Transparency are the same as the Federal Homeland Security initiative shown on their webpage:

For our SDUSD HAT TRICK Iniative that means recognizing SDUSD violations of:

  • Local, state and federal education laws, guidlines and intentions
  • Improper and illegal scams run by various departments and leadership including cronyism, nepotism and financial misappropriation/mismanagement
  • SDUSD Bylaws and policies including Uniform, Williams and Title IX complaints.

The next step is to make the issue transparent through District Deeds by sending them to us confidentially to districtdeeds@gmail.com.  All of your information and reports will be held in the same strict confidence/confidentiality as we have done in the last nine years.

The most important point:  YOU are the final decisionmaker on what does and doesn’t get published.

Many times in the last 9 years we have been provided tips we could verify though other research sources without using ANY of the content provided by the Whistleblower.  We vow to hold ALL Teacher/Ed Support information in the same strictest of confidence.

Once again we want to thank ALL the SDUSD Teachers and Educational Support Staff for your outstanding effort and look forward to working together in the best interests of ALL SDUSD Students!!!


Together we can Make This Better!!!


  • You have an important story regarding San Diego Unified School District corruption or misdeeds, please e-mail your information to us at districtdeeds@gmail.com.
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