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The compiling of this week’s Sunday Reads was challenging.

We wanted to measure the progress of the San Diego Unified School District in the selection of a new Superintendent.

The Sunday Reads featured article today, from local TV station KUSI on August 2, 2021, was the most recent update available.

We have selected the complete 84 word article from KUSI in this post and District Deeds  strongly urges our readers to click on the title (in red) to listen to the ridiculous “Dog and Pony Show” selection process explanation by the so-called “moderator” of the recently completed community engagement scam meetings.

Hold your nose!!!


SDUSD Starts Superintendent Search With Community Meetings

Posted August 2, 2021

San Diego (KUSI) – The San Diego Unified School District hopes its 30 community input sessions wil get the public’s opinions on its next superintendent.

The first 10 sessions are virtual and applications will be selected in October and November. 

The advisory committee will pick from the top 10 candidates.

To see a list of the meetings, visit here.

Ultimately the board will choose the next superintendent.

Christopher Rice-Wilson, Chair of SDUSD Superintendent Search Committee, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the details of the search.


Two and a half months later, an extensive search of both the internet and the SDUSD website for the most “current” status of the San Diego Unified School District Superintendent selection resulted in the above article/video from KUSI.

The prolifically corrupt SDUSD Propaganda Department has been silent.

Even as brief as the article is, there are three key items that exposed the SDUSD Superintendent Selection as the scam that it has become.

Key item #1:

“The San Diego Unified School District hopes its 30 community input sessions will get the public’s opinions on its next superintendent.”

To date, as our search of both the SDUSD website and the internet has proven, there has been ZERO SDUSD transparency on what key, characteristics the new Superintendent MUST have according to the “public”.

30 meetings – Zero Independently Certified Superintendent Characteristic Results for the public = Classic cover up and total lack of transparency by the corrupt SDUSD leadership.

As we have posted previously, the SDUSD and corrupt Trustee Ringmaster Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera have already selected the Superintendent he wants, just like he did with Marten.  Obviously the SDUSD “hopes” they can spin the characteristics of the new Superintendent by cherry picking community input to match their already identified candidate after the formal selection.

At the end of the day, when everything is said and done, the Superintendent Selection can be told with a simple picture:

Key item #2:

“Ultimately the board will choose the next superintendent.”

District Deeds Response:

Duh?!?  No S*** KUSI!

The District Deeds correction to that KUSI statement is the following:

“Ultimately the board HAS ALREADY CHOSEN the next superintendent regardless of ANY secret “community input”!

Key item #3:

“Christopher Rice-Wilson, Chair of SDUSD Superintendent Search Committee, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the details of the search.”

Key Item #3 is icing on the toxic SDUSD Superintendent Selection cake.

Remember this “Dog and Pony Show” from our post on the Lincoln High School Forum regarding Moderator Mr. Wilson:

And this from that post:

District Deeds approached the Moderator after Barrera left and asked him one simple question:

Why did you not follow up with Barrera and ask him the questions that Mr. Harris and Ms. Daniels had both written and verbalized to Barrera?

The moderator answer:

I did not know the context.

The moderator, who is apparently well regarded by the SDUSD (surprise!) could not understand the context of:

When is Lincoln going to start respecting Black Fathers?


Are you going to answer the questions Barrera?

If he did not know the context of those simple questions then we have one more question for him in absentia:

Why were you the Moderator?

Clearly, based on the KUSI recording, the weak response by the same person from that ill fated Lincoln High School Forum qualified him to be anointed “Chair of SDUSD Superintendent Search Committee” and foretold the same Barrera directed result for the SDUSD Superintendent Search:

Zero REAL Honesty from the Corrupt SDUSD Leadership.

Zero REAL Community collaboration.

Zero REAL Transparency on Community input.

The Tricky Dick Barrera Trifecta!

Now for our quote of  the week:

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” – Arthur Brisbane


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