District Deeds thanks Ms. Francine Maxwell and the NAACP San Diego Branch for the following important Press Release titled “COMMON SENSE MATH-   ALL THE DISTRICT DOLLARS + NO REAL PLAN = CONTINUAL FAILURE”.

June 14, 2021


The latest information on school performance indicates that 12 schools in the San Diego Unified School District are underperforming. Sadly, 7 of those schools are in District “E.” This begs the question to our District E Trustee: “Why do we continue to have underperforming schools in our community?” The allotment of funds from both the state and the district are desperately needed for support and deeply appreciated. So let us take a look at how the district is going to remedy this situation.

The latest “fix” is to add a 9th Grade Principal to Lincoln High School. The hope is that adding leadership for the incoming students will raise test scores, attendance and discipline. Really? This has already been tried when LHS first opened its new school. There was an administrator for each grade level and a head principal of the school. Still no real improvement. Along the way, there have been many variations of leadership and school configuration that were meant to help student performance. Change began to occur when one very strong leader began to make improvements with no district support. Unfortunately, she was asked to leave. This left the school in a state of disarray. The disorganization continues while the students are the ones who have to live with the chaos.

It would behoove the Trustee in District E to perhaps take a look at the incoming students beginning in elementary school and prepare them better for their future. There are currently effective leaders at the lower levels. By really listening and understanding what the parents say about their students’ needs, both teachers and administrators could see better outcomes in student performance at the K-5 level. Reading and math levels must be enhanced with Project Based Learning as the “go to” model. Reaching success at these early stages of learning will enhance the outcome for middle and high school achievement. There are so many committees for parents to become involved in and have input on to be proactive instead of the current reactive status. These committees have a voice on how funds are spent and therefore can ensure that the money is appropriately allocated for the needs of students.

Our current Trustees are so steeped in the language of “Eduspeak” that they have convinced themselves that talking about failure will improve the problem. It is just unbelievable that at this point in time, our students are STILL not performing to their potential. Something has to give! When parents participate and teachers teach, students will perform and excel. This must happen at a higher rate for our District E community.

This memo is our call to action to the District E Trustee to put action behind words and move our schools up the ladder to success. No longer will our community accept the status quo. We expect to be more involved in our students’ learning and will stay the course until we reach the finish line of success.

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch

If you need more information about the NAACP San Diego Branch, please visit  sandiegonaacp.org/presskit


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