When Marten was first nominated in January, District Deeds was ecstatic for all SDUSD Stakeholders, especially Students.  We felt that despite the rank corruption of the current Board of Education, getting a much less effective puppet/crook/liar than Marten in the Superintendent position could be a BIG positive in holding the SDUSD accountable.

We STILL believe that.

However we realized the inherent dichotomy of our position.

How could we be so HAPPY about the departure of Marten as Superintendent from the SDUSD and the end of her educational destruction to Students locally if the result is the expansion of the Marten corruption, incompetence and damage to Students nationwide as Deputy Secretary of Education?

District Deeds decided to join the many, many members of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Stakeholder community and education rights activists nationwide that have been fighting hard to OPPOSE the nomination of Superintendent Cindy Marten to Deputy Secretary of Education over the last 2 months.  We have written numerous posts and even created a special page titled the The United States Deputy Secretary of Education Nominee Cindy Marten EDU-Rap Sheet providing a past Marten debacle story to Twitter and Facebook almost daily over the past 60 days.

Let us be clear, based on her record, the nomination of the unqualified, incompetent Marten to the 2nd highest education position in the United States is a horrible mistake by the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

Here is the description of responsibilities for the Deputy Secretary of Education Position:

Marten has horribly performed the duties of SDUSD Superintendent, her ability to perform the duties of Deputy Secretary only exist in her smug and conceited mind.

Marten has continued to prove her gross lack of credentials through her weak, evasive and revealing testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) this past Wednesday, March 24, 2021.  Marten’s honed ability to talk endlessly and say absolutely nothing while self promoting served her well, especially for her Senate Democrat supporters.  The Committee vote should happen this coming week with full Senate vote to follow shortly thereafter.

So here we all are, just days before the Senate vote with the odds of a Marten approval in the high double digits.

But there is a WIN/WIN silver lining to the Marten appointment to U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education that falls in two categories.

WIN #1 – National and Federal Oversight

Marten is now in the big leagues without the absolute protection she has exploited in California.

For 8 years the Marten has been able to manipulate the San Diego and California State Democrat super majority protection to hide her hundreds of illegal and corrupt blunders.  When you tie that super majority San Diego Unified Board of Education through the City Council up through the California Legislature, CDE leadership and Governor Newsome influence to the politically powerful Teachers Union and the massive pro Democrat press corps, Marten has had an 8 year incompetence pass.

But now Marten performance will be under the scrutiny of hundreds of career politicians, staffers and national reporters of ALL political persuasions that eat incompetent political appointees like Marten for an afternoon snack.

District Deeds predicts that although Marten may achieve being appointed to the office she will be exposed as the incompetent operational, financial  and administrative management rank amateur that she is.

We predict, if approved, Marten will go down in history as the worst Deputy Secretary to ever hold the office.

WIN #2 – The Corrupt Marten SDUSD “Legacy” Will Crumble

I may seem obvious but the best outcome of booting Marten to a higher level of incompetence is that Marten will finally be GONE and unable to do any more damage directly to SDUSD Stakeholders!  The singular world class trait of Marten – self promoting corruption and ruthlessness– will be extremely difficult to find in a new Superintendent by the SDUSD Board of Education.  The anticipated pick, Lamont Jackson, is not even in the same universe as Marten in that regard.

Just think, the day that Marten moves on to her next disaster at the federal level the SDUSD Marten nightmare is over and there will be no more Marten:

  1. Lies to SDUSD Stakeholders
  2. Dramatically shuffling staff, departments and leadership every year to avoid accountability
  3. Fake LCAP’s
  4. Fake LCFF’s
  5. Phony Photo Ops including:
    1. Using Student of Color as Photo-op Props
    2. Using Special Education Students as Photo-op Props
    3. Using Parents as Photo-op Props
    4. Using Community Members as Photo-op Props
  6. Fake Restorative Justice
  7. REAL School to Prison Pipeline
  8. Creating institutional barriers to prevent transparency and accountability
  9. Intimidation of Families, Students and the Press
  10. Edu-Speak and Edu-Babble
  11. “Over promise – Under deliver – Lie about results – Cover up” repeat cycle of deceit
  12. Con Jobs and Cover ups including
    1. Sexual abuse between employees and students
    2. Bullying
    3. Suicides by Students and Staff
    4. Fake graduation rates
    5. Fake Student performance reports
    6. Fake Student test results
    7. Fake studies by cronies to support lies
  13. Lies to the press
  14. Violating the Freedom of Information Act
  15. Violating Federal Title (I, IX, etc.) protections
  16. Senior Staff threats to the press
  17. Phony stolen mottos like “Be KInd, Dream Big”
  18. Ruby Slipper fantasy fetish of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
  19. Ongoing educational damage to:
    1. Students of color
    2. Special Education Students
    3. ELL Students
    4. GATE Students
    5. Charter School Students
  20. Gross financial mismanagement
  21. Gross operational mismanagement
  22. Vindictive disciplinary actions
  23. Firing of excellent Principals
  24. Brain Drain of excellent Management and Staff
  25. Violating Board Bylaws by aiding direct Trustee intervention into school site operations
  26. MRAP’s
  27. Useless Professional Development
  28. Squandering of multi-billion dollar proposition funds
  29. Kakistocracy
  30. FACE plants
  31. Phony Performance Evaluations
  32. Phony “State of the District” Speeches
  33. Ignoring Grand Jury results
  34. Ignoring CDE Education Code
  35. Ignoring Board of Education Bylaws

District Deeds has written about ALL of these Marten disasters for the last seven years and they are obviously cause for rejoicing that Marten is gone.  Unfortunately they are ALSO correspondingly horrible reasons for the Federal Marten nightmare that will just be beginning if the Senate approves her nomination.

The Win of Marten leaving the SDUSD is obvious.

The Win of being under tight scrutiny by both the Press and an opposition party is not so secure.  It takes an INDEPENDENT and HONEST Press Corps to protect Students nationwide against Marten abuse.

But remember – Leopards can’t change their spots!

WE HOPE that IF Marten is approved, the #1 Category of  “National and Federal Oversight” will protect Students by using the #2 Category list with Criminal Pattern Theory to identify her “patterns of behavior and quickly expose her corruption and incompetence before she can do serious damage.

Marten is slippery with the truth, ALL of the Students nationally need your journalistic shining light!


Now for the Quote of the Week dedicated to the National Press Corps…we are depending on you!:

“To the press alone, chequered as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression.” – Thomas Jefferson


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