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Winter Break 2020 is ending…the only clearly identifiable San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) scheduled event under incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten and corrupt Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera that DOESN’T damage the education of tens of thousands of SDUSD Students.

Tomorrow, Monday, January 4, 2021, the 2020/21 SDUSD educational disaster is resumed.

This Sunday Reads features an article from RealClear Education that questions whether Public School Students will return to Public Schools after the Covid 19 Pandemic.  In our Sunday Reads Synopsis and Commentary we show how school type research for each family can produce the best educational outcomes for their kids.

District Deeds strongly urges our readers to click on the article title and read the full article for themselves on RealClear Education.


Will Students Return to Public Schools After the Pandemic?

By Will Flanders & Cori Petersen


“She’s a happy kid, a good student, and the virtual learning was a disaster for us,” said Erin Haroldson of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, whose eight-year-old daughter was receiving virtual education from her local public school last spring. When it looked like schools would go virtual again this fall, Haroldson asked her daughter if she would rather continue at Mount Horeb or start in person at a new school, where she would need to make new friends. When her daughter responded “Mom, I want to go to a new school,” the Haroldsons enrolled her in High Point Christian School in Madison.

The Haroldsons are not alone. According to a new Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) study, the state’s public schools saw an unprecedented enrollment decline this fall, and the school districts that started virtual learning at the outset of the school year lost the most students. Across the Badger State, the average district saw an enrollment decline of 2.67%. Districts that went fully virtual drove this decline, seeing an average 3% decline in enrollment.


Wisconsin’s experience is consistent with national trends. New York City Public Schools, the nation’s largest school district, is enrolling about 19,000 fewer students. According to Chalkbeat, the city’s most affluent public schools have seen a decline of 12%, while enrollment at the city’s lowest-income schools has dropped 4%. Enrollment in the Los Angeles Unified District, the nation’s second-largest district, has been dropping since its peak in 2003, when it reached 750,000 students. As of April, EdSource reported that enrollment had dropped to below 600,000. According to NPR, Los Angeles Unified is down about 11,000 students this fall.

If students are going to receive a virtual education, some parents prefer that they be taught by the remote-learning experts – virtual charter schools. Enrollment in K12, the largest virtual charter school in the U.S., grew from 123,000 last year to 170,000 as of August. In Wisconsin, some parents are using the state’s open-enrollment program to send their children to one of the 44 districts with a virtual charter school; these districts have seen an average 4.5% increase in enrollment relative to others. In Oklahoma, virtual charter schools went from educating 19,000 students to 33,000 this year, and, according to ChalkBeat, virtual charters in states such as Michigan, Oregon, Utah and Pennsylvania have experienced similar growth.

Other parents, however, like the Haroldsons, still want their children to be educated in person, despite the pandemic. They believe that the benefits of in-person education outweigh the potential consequences, since children are low risk. This belief is consistent with guidance released in August by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other scientific research. A research effort led by economist Emily Oster from Brown University looked at data from 200,000 students across 47 states and found that students seem less susceptible to COVID-19 and don’t spread the virus like adults do.

But if the science says it is low risk for students to be in person – and many parents agree, to the extent that they’re willing to arrange alternative in-person schooling for their children – then why are these districts going virtual? A study that WILL released last month suggests that teachers’ unions played a big role in these decisions. In fact, in Wisconsin, the presence of a teachers’ union in a district played a larger role in whether schools went virtual than the presence of COVID-19 in the community. Of the 36 Wisconsin school districts that began the year virtually, 81% had a teachers’ union. A national study, put out in September by Cory DeAngeles and Christopher Makridis, suggests that strong teachers’ unions played a leading role in shuttering districts across the U.S. They found that in states with right-to-work laws, schools were 14 percentage points more likely to open than in states without those laws.

The Haroldsons plan to keep their daughter at High Point Christian even after the pandemic is over. Wisconsin’s choice programs are growing fast, enrolling more than 2,700 new students throughout this last year. Whether it’s through such choice programs outside of public schools, or through public school programs such as open enrollment between districts, enabling parents to make the educational choices that they feel are best for their children is more important than ever.


As the last remnants of an SDUSD educationally, operationally and financially disastrous 1st semester come to a close, big decisions face all SDUSD families on where to send their kids when district schools eventually open.

The article from RealClear Education provides a good example of a typical path that many parents and students took this past autumn in switching from their remote learning local public school to an in person learning private school.

That same important decision will face thousands of SDUSD Parents and Students when the second semester begins in the coming month.  To make the right decision each family will need to weigh the pro’s and con’s of leaving the SDUSD for a better educational option.

Because of financial limitations, many SDUSD families will feel forced to go back to their substandard local SDUSD school.

But with a little research, there may be a better option for ALL SDUSD Families.

First of all, let’s establish the current situation in the SDUSD lead by incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten and the corrupt Board of Education led by Trustee President Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera

  • ZERO SDUSD Standards Based Grading Plan Transparency, Accountability and Community Collaboration
  • ZERO SDUSD 2020/21 Reopening Plan Transparency and Community Collaboration
  • ZERO Operational Budget Transparency used to hide TOTAL Operational Budget Mismanagement.
  • ZERO Transparency of SDUSD performance BEFORE and DURING the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • ZERO Accountability for SDUSD LACK of performance since BEFORE and DURING the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Phase 1 Educational Supports denied to tens of thousands of the most disadvantaged Students
  • OPTIONAL Boot Camp Professional Development for Teachers – FAIL.
  • Individualized “disadvantaged Student” supports with NO Equity Rules, Standards or Tracking.
  • Every Cluster, School, Principal, Teacher and Student for themselves “custom” school site “strategy” by incompetent Supt. Marten creating gross inequities from classroom to classroom.
  • Only 3 hours per day vs 5 hours per day of live teaching.
  • Only 3 periods per day vs 5 periods per day of live teaching.
  • No Teacher Evaluations.
  • No Smarter Balanced tests in Math and English language arts.
  • No California Science Test
  • No Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
  • Minimal California (ELPAC) for English learners
  • Minimal California School Dashboard
  • Dysfunctional Standards Based Grading
  • Disorganized Four Phase School Reopening Scam/Plan
  • Mid-semester retirement of thousands of highly experienced Teachers and other employees causing major educational disruption in the middle of an educational disaster.

The list confirms that the SDUSD is the worst TK – 12 options for parents…but that will not stop the SDUSD from spreading propaganda to the contrary.

For corrupt SDUSD Senior Leadership headed by Marten and Tricky Dick, it is all about the money…and they will do virtually anything to stay on their self serving financial gravy train at the expense of the most at-risk Students.

For the millions of dollars the SDUSD is saving by keeping schools closed along with retiring 370 employees (130 Teachers) there is no incentive for them to open schools.

They have to be “incented” even more to open schools.

A Cal Matters article titled “Governor Newsom announces $450-per-student incentive to reopen schools” the Governor has decided to offer $450 per student incentive (AKA “bounty”) to reopen schools.

The lukewarm response from the SDUSD and other large districts?

A $450 per student bounty for doing the right thing and safely reopening schools is probably not going to be enough because there are strings attached to the Student bounty:

“Newsom’s plan isn’t a guarantee that schools will reopen soon. Schools will only qualify to reopen in counties with a seven-day average coronavirus case rate of 28 per 100,000 residents, and they must publish a safety plan.”


“But E. Toby Boyd, president of the CTA, said that the union will continue to support distance learning while California remains a COVID-19 hotspot. 

“We have been calling for tougher safety standards, rigorous and consistent testing, data collection and transparency. While these tenets are addressed in the proposal released Wednesday, there are many unanswered questions and the devil is always in the details, particularly as it relates to implementation and execution,” Boyd said in a statement.”

So while the Education Industry adults and politicians fight it out over the money, the full education of ALL Students is relegated to last on the list.

But there is hope…Parents and Students have options…you are NOT helpless!!!

It begins with Research.

The first stop for parents willing to find the best option for their kids is what TYPE of education is best for their kids.

Here is a simple place to start.

The Micro School Revolution website has an interesting assessment tool that provides a quiz to determine what type of school is best for your kids.  After taking the quiz, the site provides you with the best options for your kids. Here is a sample based on answers District Deeds provided:

Once you have determined the type of school, the San Diego County Department of Education has a search by Zip Code tool to find the closest non-SDUSD school to your home zip code that provides you tabs for School Districts and Charters nearest to you.

Here is a screen shot of the page:

Each option listed has contact info to enroll in that school or district.

If you find that homeschooling is best, just search “homeschooling san diego” for a wide variety of options…it provides 775,000 results in less than a second:

For even the most financially challenged families, there is hope with research.

There is no need to settle for the dysfunctional, corrupt SDUSD that is more concerned with paying off adults than it is concerned with educating your kids.

Your kids deserve better.

Their educational future and lifetime success MUST NOT be defined by their Zip Code or by their assigned dysfunctional, harmful local school or school district.

Your family deserves better.

Now our Quote of the Week dedicated to brave Parents and Students deciding to make the best educational choice for themselves:


Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” ― Aristotle







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