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District Deeds is pleased to announce a new education podcast we have discovered by former San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Carl Cohn Ed.D. titled “Conversations with Carl” on EdSource.

The “Schools on the Frontlines with Carl Cohn” introduction describes the podcast as follows:

COMING JULY 1st: In his long and storied career as a California education leader, Carl Cohn has served as superintendent of the Long Beach and San Diego Unified school districts, a member of the State Board of Education and executive director of the California Collaborative for Education Excellence. In this special series of podcasts, Carl will talk each week with a leading school superintendent about the immense challenge of reopening schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the movement for racial justice.

Here is the podcast introduction…just click on the arrow in the picture below:

The first actual podcast conversation by Dr. Cohn is with the current Hemet Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Christi Barrett.  Here is a section of her biography from the Hemet USD website:

In 2016, Dr. Barrett became the first female Superintendent for the Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) which serves approximately 21,000 students in 28 schools. The district is one of the largest geographical districts in California, covering over 700 square miles including the communities of Hemet, Anza, Idyllwild, Aguanga, and Winchester.  

Dr. Barrett earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts in 2000 and her Masters in Special Education in 2003, both from the University of California, Riverside. In 2019, she completed her Doctoral program at Claremont Graduate University from the School of Educational Studies in the Urban Leadership program. Dr. Barrett has 19 years of educational experience and before her current role has served as both a regular and special education teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent.

Recently, the Western Riverside Association of School Managers, a regional charter of Association of California School Administrators, recognized Dr. Barrett as the 2019 Superintendent of the Year.

Amazing how Superintendent Barrett, with roughly 2/3 of the years of experience has almost double the administrative credentials (Doctorate, Asst. Superintendent, “Superintendent of the Year”) of “Supine Cindy” Marten!

And here is the link to the new June 1, 2020 podcast with Dr. Cohn and Dr. Barrett: “Hemet Unified Works to Cover All of the Bases

In 2006 District Deeds attended a SDUSD community breakfast where we met Dr. Cohn.  At that time we were extremely impressed with his depth and breadth of knowledge and, based on the podcast introduction and first interview, it is clear he has only expanded and enhanced his credentials since then.

A key question from Dr.Cohn to Dr. Barrett at 18:31 into the interview truly exposes the difference between REAL educational leadership and the sad excuse for SDUSD leadership by Supine Cindy and Tricky Dick.

Dr. Cohn asked:

If you had the state legislature and state policymakers including the Governor in front of you, what would you want them to know about the challenges you’re facing in leading a school system right now?”

Dr. Barrett, in her summary said:

To be thoughtful and inclusive


Unlike corrupt SDUSD financial “mismanagers” Supine Cindy and Tricky Dick, Dr. Barrett made NO MENTION OF MORE MONEY!!!

In fact, money was not even mentioned once in the interview…unlike Barrera and Marten who finish every public statement by whining and begging for more Federal and State money just to keep our SDUSD schools open.

After suffering through six years of systemic racism along with erratic, incompetent and corrupt SDUSD leadership by Superintendent “Supine Cindy” Marten and Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, how refreshing it is to listen and learn from Dr. Cohn and Dr. Barrett, two outstanding educators that really know what it takes to successfully lead, REALLY collaborate and serve ALL Stakeholders with full transparency, consistency and accountability.

We look forward to many more Podcasts from Dr. Cohn!!!




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