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SDUSD Coronavirus Education Mirage List

After 35 lost instructional days (25 days of delay and 10 days of no accountability/substandard education), here are the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Fantasyland  educational “standards” being represented by incompetent Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten and backed by the corrupt School Board led by Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera:

  • ZERO planning input or involvement allowed from Parent, Guardian, Student or Community Stakeholders.
  • ALL Parent, Guardian, Student and Community Stakeholders are to blame for any failures
  • No District, State or Federal Testing to measure amount of educational erosion
  • No uniform, published, enforced Teacher performance standards – According to SDUSD/SDEA MOU , no disciplinary action can be taken during this Sandimic.
  • No Class Scheduling standards…decisions left up to individual School/Teacher
  • No meaningful Student grading – grades can only go up.
  • No Student or Teacher attendance standards
  • No verified/audited/published financial plan for thousands of frantically distributed Chromebook Laptops and Hotspots to Students including associated financial risk.
  • No verified/audited/published Computer/Internet access reports for ALL Students by standard socioeconomic category.
  • No verified/audited/published class logon or participation reports for ALL Students by standard socioeconomic category.
  • No verified/audited/published plan or attempt to make up lost instructional days.

This week we are providing a unique “District Deeds Sunday Reads” to our readers.

This past Friday, May 8, 2020 we received a news release from the San Diego Chapter of the NAACP titled “WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CINDY MARTEN?”.  the news release by NAACP President Francine Maxwell clearly illustrates another MAJOR example of how gross financial and operational mismanagement has contributed to the neglect of communities of color via the educational chaos of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Education Pandemic:

The SDUSD Sandimic


PDF:  SDUSD Budget Memo April 2020

District Deeds Synopsis:

District Deeds FULLY supports the NAACP and NAACP President Francine Maxwell on the key points they have provided.

It is absolutely TRUE that Marten and her senior staff and the Board of Education have been unable to effectively manage the $1.4 billion SDUSD budget without a deficit EVERY YEAR since Marten was illegally appointed Superintendent.

It is absolutely TRUE that the current senior leadership have continued to beg the community and the City/State/Federal government for MORE money to mismanage. In fact the corrupt Tricky Dick Barrera begs for more money to support him and his election cronies almost every time he lies to the local press…in other words…A LOT!

It is also absolutely TRUE that no one in the SDUSD has been held accountable for the gross financial mismanagement during the disastrous tenure of Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten.  In fact  the incompetent Marten has been given substantial raises every year by the corrupt Board of Education led by Tricky Dick for her grossly substandard financial and operational performance.

Like all weak and ineffectual leaders, in the April 2020 memo Marten is attempting to shift the financial mismanagement blame to District and school site subordinates to cover her obvious guilt.

The FINAL and most devastating TRUTH of this blatant self dealing financial mismanagement by the corrupt SDUSD Superintendent and Trustees is the HUGE negative impact it has dealt to the education of SDUSD Students, especially poor Students and Students of color.

If Marten, Barrera and their unethical cronies had overspent on the education of the neediest Students and achieved outstanding results, they would be using their multi-million dollar propaganda machine to broadcast it across San Diego County, California and Nationwide.

But those outstanding educational results for the neediest Students HAVE NOT happened.

In fact just the OPPOSITE has occurred…and a Study by the Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL) Black Minds Project exposes it

This past fall, in October 2019, CCEAL Black Minds Project provided damning PROOF of the Marten financial mismanagement results in a report titled “WHEN THEY TEACH US

Even though Marten miscreants in the SDUSD propaganda machine were well aware of the study (based on do nothing quotes from the district in a  KBPS article), absolutely NOTHING is available on the SDUSD website providing anything regarding CCEAL, Black Minds Project or the report titled “WHEN THEY TEACH US“.

Here are the search results:

Given the damning results, it is no wonder that Marten, her White Women Mafia, Barrera and the rest of their appointed miscreant cronies did not publish the study for all SDUSD Stakeholders to read.

Instead in October the big story from the SDUSD “Newscenter” was an hour and 15 minute “Parents are our Partners” scam event where Marten attempted to recruit FREE Parent volunteers to make up for the millions of dollars she had already squandered on raises, appointments. propaganda and legal fees in the 2019/20 budget.

Here is the Executive Summary of the “WHEN THEY TEACH US” study:

Hear are few key charts from the study.

First enrollment and Teachers…a real snapshot of the current school site culture:

Black Students are rapidly leaving the SDUSD and Black Teachers are not being hired…or more likely AVOIDING the risk of working around Marten and her White Women Mafia.

Next, the Language and Math Comparisons:

MILLIONS of dollars of “No Child Left Behind”, ESEA and SDUSD 2020 Vision blindness and these are the horrendous results!


Now the Expulsions:

Remember the “PACE” department”? – Millions of dollars wasted on a bunch of ineffectual propaganda like Banners and marketing material with ZERO results.

How about the so-called “Student Bill of Rights”? – Marten got a Great photo op!

Then we had “Restorative Justice” – lots of well meaning school sites and community volunteers devolved into handing out complicated bullying complaint instructions in English to Spanish speaking families.

The executive summary, the charts and the report clearly show that the $1.4 BILLION was NOT spent where it was needed but instead spent on lining the pockets of the Marten/Barerra Gang (MBG).

As we have illustrated to our readers in previous posts, the MBG also did not engage in any Disaster Recovery planning either and that lack of oversight and preparation has further devastated the poor education of ALL Students and especially the Student highlighted in the CCEAL study.

Impacts to Students who are already not being educationally supported by the MBG in normal times are two or three times as likely to be neglected by the MBG during the self inflicted SDUSD Sandimic.

And if you think the SDUSD under Marten is going to change, look at the 2019/2020 First Interim Financial Presentation and SACS Report  on page 30 “SDUSD Salary to Budget Ratio” released December 10, 2019:

Not only is the SDUSD budget tanking this year, look at the future years “planning” by Marten and backed by Barrera:



A true MBG inflicted SDUSD SANDIMIC!

Based on this evidence of horribly poor job performance along with educational and budget mismanagement by the current SDUSD MBG leadership, District Deeds STRONGLY supports the NAACP in calling for IMMEDIATE DISCIPLINARY ACTION UP TO AND INCLUDING TERMINATION of Superintendent Cindy Marten along with ANY AND ALL of her crony MBG accomplices.



Now for our Quote of the Week:

“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” ― Theodore Roosevelt


ESS Marten Sandimic Motto:  

Hardly Work, Act Blind, Lie Big, Make Excuses




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