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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week…


10 Awesome District Brands Worth Checking Out

Quote from Article:

1. Camas (WA) School District

Brand differentiator: We are all about student experiences.

It’s a great sign to land on a district homepage with glowing testimonials from families.


2. Wayzata Public Schools (MN)

Brand differentiator: Excellence for every student.

What stands out immediately about Wayzata’s digital presence is the deliberate use of inclusive imagery and messaging.


3. Castleberry (TX) Independent School District (ISD)

Brand differentiator: Libraries are the best!

How inspirational is it to see a district website offer a list of their libraries literally front and center on their homepage?


4. Deer Lakes (PA) School District

Brand differentiator: Communication, collaboration, and community are our core values.

It’s immediately clear the leaders at Deer Lakes care what their community has to say.

District Deeds Synopsis:

District Deeds found this article and were fascinated how each of the profiled school districts decided to “brand” and sell their product of educating all Students.

The author disclaimer showed the clear conflict of interest by ANY school district when marketing/sales tactics and reality collide:

First, a quick note: I have not worked for nor do I live near these districts. My perceptions as a complete outsider only serve as testament to the strength of the branding we’ll showcase. If a total stranger can understand your brand without ever visiting, you’ve probably nailed your social media and website messaging.

First of all it has always been ridiculous to District Deeds that school districts like San Diego Unified cry and whine about how it is unfair to treat them like a business and how it is “all about the kids” while being willing to use multimillon dollar multimedia to shamelessly shill inferior schools to a trusting public.

We did not investigate every school district profiled so we have no idea whether ANY of the marketing slogans are real or a complete scam.

Our BIG question to our readers is:

Is is a GOOD thing that a school district “nailed” both “social media and website messaging” if both are a complete lie? 

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has embarked on similar efforts.  Dishonest and corrrupt Elementary School Superintendent (ESS) Cindy Marten, Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera and some of their senior staff and local non-profit cronies have decided to use all their political, organizational and financial power to mislead SDUSD Stakeholders into thinking that a NEW re-branded Vision 2030 will be much more viable than their disastrous Vision 2020.

The Clusters page on the SDUSD website illustrates how one of the Vision 2020 cluster goals is to market and sell inferior schools to unwitting SDUSD Stakeholders:

  • Cluster councils will promote the schools in their communities.

Cluster Councils “WILL” – not “may” or “could decide to” or “vote” to promote the inferior schools in their Cluster.

Any non-profit, Student, Parent, Teacher, Principal, Staff Member or other Stakeholder who wants to volunteer for a Cluster Council WILL be forced to promote the inferior schools in their Cluster under the leadership of Marten and Barrera supported and enforced by their well financed non-profit cronies in the poorest neighborhoods.  

If non-profits want a California Endowment endorsement from the SDUSD for MILLIONS of dollars of grant money, they WILL be forced to promote inferior SDUSD schools under the leadership of Marten and Barrera.

If a Parent, Teacher or Principal  wants to become a member of their Cluster Council to have their voice heard on behalf of bullied or sexually assaulted students, they WILL be forced to promote inferior sexist, racist and dangerous SDUSD schools under the leadership of Marten and Barrera.

If a Student who has been sexually assaulted, bullied or is receiving an inferior SDUSD education wants to become a member of the Cluster Council, they WILL be forced to promote inferior sexist, racist and dangerous SDUSD schools under the leadership of Marten and Barrera.

You will notice that NONE of the Cluster Councils will be forced to TELL THE TRUTH about the schools in their Clusters.

Marten and Barrera can’t handle the truth.

In fact, in the past couple years, when a SDUSD Cluster was forced to face widespread bullying and assault through direct volunteer parent testimony, some Principals in the Cluster, District personnel and SDUSD financed non-profits complained about the meetings being “too negative” and essentially boycotted the meetings by refusing to bring parents and community members to the Cluster meetings until the crticisms became officially unmentionable through bylaws.

School site “Celebration” announcements were then inserted in place of reality.

Quickly going down the list of marketing/sales branding strategies from the article you can see how any attempt by the SDUSD to duplicate the strategies would be an outright LIE.

Camas (WA) School District: “We are all about student experiences.”

SDUSD Version – Brand differentiator:  

We are all about student sexual, physical and mental abuse experiences and how to legally cover them up.

Wayzata Public Schools (MN): Brand differentiator: Excellence for every student.

SDUSD Version – Brand differentiator:

Excellence for every student if they live north of Interstate 8 and/or are white and/or are wealthy and/or suck up to Marten and Barrera and/or contribute lots of money to the school site foundation and/or have the capacity to drive their child to their school of choice and/or are extremely lucky.

Castleberry (TX) Independent School District (ISD) – Libraries are the best!

SDUSD Version – Brand differentiator:

Libraries are the best unless we have fired or drastically reduced the hours of your Librarian due to gross financial mismanagment by ESS Marten and Tricky Dick Barrera.

Deer Lakes (PA) School District: Communication, collaboration, and community are our core values.

SDUSD Version – Brand differentiator:

Distorting, misrepresenting and ignoring transparent communication, real collaboration, and true community involvement are our core values.

Only a myopic disaster of a Superintendent Marten and a Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera could think that flunking the eye test with Vision 2030 could be better than flunking the eye test of Vision 2020.

Any ophthalmologist could tell you that going from 2020 vision to 2030 vision means you are going blind.

Since Marten and Barrera are too blind to understand this, please send the following braille translation to them via email:

Why Teachers Are Essential to Building a Secure ‘Internet of Things’

Quote from Article:

Many of today’s students are digital natives — born with a seemingly innate understanding of how technology works — but with the proliferation of internet-connected devices, teachers have a critical role in educating kids to live and build a safer, more secure digital world, technology experts said at an event in Fairfax, Virginia, this week.

By 2021, the “internet of things” is predicted to reach 25 billion devices and will generate an immense volume of user data, according to the research group Gartner. Consequently, many technology experts have expressed the need to educate future generations on how to interact with such a hyper-connected environment.


“Here’s the reality — we live in a world where things talk to other things at speeds beyond human comprehension,” Edna Conway, chief security officer for Cisco Global Value Chain, told educators attending the Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference at George Mason University on Wednesday. “And on top of that, what we are seeing is a proliferation.”


Digital natives might understand how to use technology without being taught, but to become digital citizens, Conway said, people need to be instructed on how to prioritize risk to personal data and what questions to ask when assessing the security of a device and the privacy of the data it collects.

By developing curriculum that focuses on how to evaluate connected devices on dimensions such as trust, identity, privacy, protection, safety and security, she said educators will be able to ensure their students are able to securely interact with connected devices.

District Deeds Synopsis:

WE loved this idea to have Teachers educate Students “on how to prioritize risk to personal data and what questions to ask when assessing the security of a device and the privacy of the data”.

It would be great to have Teachers and the SDUSD Information Technology Department to work together to create curriculums that use 21st century data security and risk examples in core subjects to both inform and educate students.

Unfortunately trying to get the incompetent Marten to create a sophisticated 21st century educational strategy is equivalent to trying to get Marten’s Parrot to do the same.

Marten and her Parrot can both mouth the right words but do not have the mental capacity to understand what the words mean.

What a Superintendent disaster!

Freedom School Centers Black Pride, Educators and Activism

Quote from Article:

The Center for Black Educator Development celebrated the completion of its first Freedom School program with a student arts ceremony on Thursday evening at Mastery-Gratz High School.

The ceremony featured 100 first- to third-graders from North Philadelphia performing musical and literary works they learned at the Center’s Freedom School — a summer program that teaches literacy, the arts and writing skills through a lens of Black history, empowerment and pride.

“They understand the importance of Black excellence and not striving for someone else’s definition. They understand what it is to be Black and to love being Black,” said Shayna Terrell, director of the Freedom Schools and Pipeline Programs for the center. “Also, they learn they have a rich history and tradition engaging in intellectual activities — reading, writing, activism and caring for our community.”


Every morning, the students begin their class with affirmations and libations honoring the ancestors, because, according to El-Mekki, “they are a manifestation of our dream and prayers.”


The activism piece had the students participating in community service. The third-graders developed a proposal to improve a playground and presented it to City Councilwoman Cindy Bass’ office. The second-graders visited retirement homes and led the elderly in exercises. The first-graders worked on environmentalism projects — planting beans and writing Earth-friendly messages on paper bags they delivered to ShopRite.


In the classroom, students mainly worked on reading skills, with a focus on phonics. They also practiced writing skills, learning poetry, spoken word and hip-hop.

“If you’re literate, you’re unfit to be a slave,” El-Mekki said. “There’s no such thing as a human being without a voice. We’re going to provide the platform and you speak your piece. That’s how you cultivate activism.”


The other key aspect to the Freedom School was the teaching staff. Ninety-eight percent of the instructors were Black high school or college students, several of whom were from historically Black colleges or universities.

One of the main goals of the center is to recruit more Black teachers and train and prepare Black and white educators to teach Black children. The Freedom School was a way to jump-start this mission.

“Ninety-six percent of public school teachers in Pennsylvania are white,” said El-Mekki. “In Philadelphia, as diverse as it is, at one point, 40 percent were Black. That number has dipped to 24 percent. The Freedom School was a way to do a pipeline.”


Althea Burgett, whose third-grade son attended the center’s Prep Freedom School site, agreed, saying that she wished more people knew about it because of the quality of the academics, the focus on Black pride and the fact that it’s free.

“[Freedom School] is showing them how they can use their voice to do something they care about. It builds confidence and them knowing they have power to change things if they don’t like it,” she said. “Although my son is not very expressive about what he is learning, it’s good to have him in that environment because it’s normal to him — having pride in who he is. He can have pride in it and it doesn’t seem weird for him to be happy or have pride in that.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

An inspiring idea being carried out in Philadelphia by The Center for Black Educator Development.  Here is a video from by Mr. Sharif El-Mekki describing the initiative:

Does any SDUSD Stakeholder think that the ESS Cindy Marten “White Women Mafia” would ever allow a program like Mr. El Mekki describes into ANY SDUSD school site?

Absolutely NOT!

The fear of the incompentent Marten to hire or promote anyone with more skills and ability than herself immediately eliminates any and all types of these groundbreaking program for Teachers, Students and Parents of color.

Unfair, unfit and unscrupulous…3 reasons why ESS Marten has been a 5 year disaster for all Students.

Now for our Quote of the Week:

“The insatiable need for heartless power and ruthless control is the telltale sign of an uninitiated man – the most irresponsible, incompetent and destructive force on earth. – Michael Leunig

Have a great week!!!



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