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Has the High School Diploma Lost All Meaning?

Quote from Article:

So what in the world does a diploma now indicate? Not that students are ready for college. Not that they’ve learned as much as twelfth graders should learn. Not even, apparently, that they’ve shown up for school. Is it nothing more than a redundant certification that these graduates are old enough to finish twelfth grade and enter some version of adulthood? Has the high school diploma therefore lost all academic meaning? There’s a good chance that it has. And in losing all meaning, the farcical meaning that schools purport to assign to it harms our most vulnerable, disadvantaged students, especially now that America’s high school graduation rate is at an all-time high.

When a young man or woman who is sorely unprepared for college enters college, that person has but a faint hope of succeeding. And when they fail, they’re worse off than had they never gone at all. At the very least, time that could’ve been spent building a career is wasted. And that cost is often compounded by serious financial debt in the form of loans for tuition, room, and board. When the person then leaves college without skills, a degree, or other credentials and struggles to find a job, interest on those loans accrues, and soon the young person is drowning in oppressive debt.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Given the many irregularities in the San Diego Unified “Diploma Mill” graduation rate we have been exposing for over a year this article hit close to home.  The ramifications to SDUSD Students failure when they get to college underprepared is a data point that is never reported or bragged about by Supt. Marten and her Board of Education cronies Barrera, Evans, Beiser, McQuary and Payne.  For them it is all about the phony Grad Rate Public Relations based on a lie.

The article provides 4 excellent steps that eliminate the “perverse incentives” currently being exploited by the current SDUSD Senior Administration.

Definitely worth reading!

Boston School Committee Approves New Start Times

Quote from Article:

The Boston School Committee on Wednesday approved a new policy that would change the start and end times at many schools across the city for next fall, and officials planned to disclose what the new hours of operation would be at individual schools Thursday.

Officials spoke only in broad terms prior to the meeting about what the proposed policy calls for — having more high schools start after 8 a.m. and having more elementary schools dismiss students before 4 p.m.

During the meeting, several members said the new policy would benefit students.

“We know what this means: better outcomes for our students,” member Michael Loconto said.


School officials are crafting the new operating hours with a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — the same team that recently helped the school system come up with new bus routes. A change in operating hours could mean more changes to bus routes next fall.

School Superintendent Tommy Chang said as soon as the School Committee votes — and assuming the board passes the new policy — the MIT research team will run final scenarios and make any tweaks based on changes to the proposed policy by the committee.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Since the SDUSD has decided to investigate later start times we found this article about the approach in Boston enlightening.  It is inspiring to see a fully functional school district leadership make a tough decision based on scientific facts that support “better outcomes for our students”.  Boston employed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to identify the optimal start times for each school.

In contrast the SDUSD, instead of leading, is going to leave it up to a popularity contest at each high school to determine school start times instead of relying on scientific fact, research, analysis  or support by one of our world class educational institutions like UCSD.

So typically shortsighted uninformed by our dysfunctional SDUSD Superintendent and Board of Education.

District Deeds suggests you read the article to see how a 1st class educational organization really works!

She Never Ate Her Lunch at School and Here’s Why

Quote from Article:

She was quiet, completed all of her work on time, and followed the rules daily. Occasionally she laughed when the other children were being silly but at playtime she kept to herself.

A pleasure to have in any classroom, teachers would love to duplicate her attitude towards learning.

One day during summer camp I realized that she never ate her entire lunch. She would eat the warm veggies on the side or maybe the peaches that came as a desert but the sandwich and prepackaged foods she’d take off her tray and leave to the side. I had seen her do this often but this day I watched her closely. Her tray was always empty when she dumped it in the trash so what did she do with the food? No wrappers were there, just the tray and empty containers from the hot foods she ate.

District Deeds Synopsis:

An inspiring story written by a Teacher in Detroit, Michigan about an amazing 3rd Grade Student.

The SDUSD has many families in a similar situations and we know many of our dedicated district employees have provided food, clothing and other supports for those in need.  As the holiday approaches, this article reminded us to look around our own community and find ways to help.

In the spirit of Giving, here is the Quote of the Week:

“Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.”
– Mother Teresa

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