District Deeds SUNDAY READS: Sunday, April 2, 2017


Here are some interesting articles District Deeds received and discovered during the past week…


“What is the State of Education for Black Kids in City Schools”? – Voice and Viewpoint 

Quote from Article:

“There is a big difference between their rhetoric and reality. There are very little if any achievement gains in language arts and math for AAS since Ms. Marten became the Superintendent almost four years ago.  She has changed her organizational structure 13 times in less than 4 years, creating no District-wide strategies to accelerate African and African American student achievement. That is because she has been very timid about changing the culture of the school district when it comes to race.  The underlying philosophy that governs the district at this time, despite all the rhetoric, does not address the need for in-depth, ongoing, systemic attention to race and culture in the school district and its individual schools so that equitable achievement can happen for all student groups.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

This very insightful article is a great example how San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Cindy Marten and Board President Richard Barrera throw around a lot of “rhetoric” regarding equity and inclusion of all Students when in reality they pick and choose certain members of communities that will knuckle under to their power and then call it collaboration.  If you are on the outside, no natter how much of the community you represent, you get treated like a second class citizen by Marten and Barrera and the rest of the Board of Education.

Schools Failing to Protect Students From Sexual Abuse by School Personnel, Federal Report Says – EdSource

Quote from Article:

“Hampered by inadequate access to employee background information, school districts unwittingly hire teachers and staff accused of sexually abusing students in other districts and states, the report said. With little training on how to recognize early signs of predatory behavior, school employees don’t always pay attention to a colleague who is “grooming” a student for sexual abuse with inappropriate attention. And some school districts quietly dismiss teachers accused of potential child sexual abuse, without alerting future employers or seeking to revoke teaching credentials, the report said.”

“I think many school districts think they just need to report to their school principal or to the superintendent of the school,” said Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, who requested the federal report as the ranking member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, in an interview with NBC News. “They don’t recognize that under the state law, where they have the laws, they have an obligation to report this to law enforcement officials.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

Although this federal report is from 2014, many recent sexual abuse lawsuits against the SDUSD point to the fact that Supt. Marten and the board have done virtually nothing to protect Students against sexual predators.   The list of sexual abuse incidents District Deeds has illustrated on the map on “The San Diego Unified School District Student Abuse Report” is extensive and keeps growing but Supt. Marten refuses to act.

The 2017 Brown Center Report on American Education – Part III – Brookings

Quote from Article:

“Exclusionary punishments, those that remove students from schools, have come under fire in recent years. California officials have been pushing schools to reduce out-of-school suspensions, especially because of the racial disparities associated with that form of discipline. The policy has succeeded in reducing suspensions in the state—they are down dramatically—but racial disparities persist. Black students continue to be suspended at three to four times their proportion of student enrollment.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

For our readers who enjoy a deep dive into educational reporting and data, these reports will make your day.  The study has 3 parts, but the 3rd study is extremely relevant to the SDUSD – “Race and school suspensions“.  Given the refusal of Supt. Cindy Marten to interact with certain community groups becasue they have been critical of her lack of support, it would not be surprising if the SDUSD stats regarding suspension ratio of students of color is even WORSE that the study indicates.  A hint of that fact is that students are fleeing the District and going to Charter Schools because of unsafe conditions at SDUSD schools.


10 Reasons Why C Students Are More Successful After Graduation – Lifehack

Quote from Article:

“The world is moving to an entrepreneurial and innovation-driven economy. It is projected that by 2020, over one billion people will be working from their homes. In the future of work, less people will work for one company as generalists and instead will work for multiple companies as specialists.

The world doesn’t need obedient and compliant factory workers anymore. The world needs artists, creatives, hackers, and innovators. We’re done with apathetically living out our lives in school and at our 9-to-5 jobs. We’re sick of it. We’re done with it.

And the best part — the new economy wants it as well.

So with this backdrop, we can now examine why C students are generally better off than their A and B counterparts.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

Some hope for parents (like us!) who have kids that march to a different drummer!!!

Not sure if all ten reasons are completely valid but the article definitely allows you to look at how the current educational methods may not fit the the 21st century requirements of our children.



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