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The MAZE of the SDUSD Grievance Process

Due to the Superintendent Cindy Marten urging of San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Employees to “Read” District Deeds, we decided to add MORE SDUSD EMPLOYEE Complaint Forms to our archive.

Previously we had added California State Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) complaint instructions/forms and U.S Department of Education Complaints to our “Complaint Forms” page on District Deeds.

In an effort to investigate the SDUSD Teacher Grievance Process completely and provide ALL the required forms, we interviewed SDUSD Principals, Teachers and Staff to get background on what documents to request.  Through those interviews and according to the SDEA (Teachers Union) Contract 2014-2017 (pdf), only two forms were required…the “Grievance Form” and the “Grievance Proof of Service”.

But then something strange happened.

We could not find the Teacher “Grievance Form” anywhere!

It is not within the SDEA Website on the “Our Union Contract” page.  There is only a form called an SDEA Issue Intake Form (pdf) …a NON-contractually required form that looks like this:

SDEA Issue Intake Form

The above form IS NOT an official SDEA/SDUSD contractually required form.  It is ONLY an SDEA form to basically REQUEST the Grievance Form…in other words…a hurdle to jump for a Teacher to get their LEGAL CONTRACTUAL RIGHTS to GRIEVE!

So then, to get the OFFICIAL Grievance Form, we called the SDEA office.  We identified ourselves as District Deeds and asked how we could get a copy of the SDEA Grievance Form since it wasn’t on the SDEA website.  After a moment or so we were transferred to the voice mail of SDEA President Lindsay Burningham…yes, the SAME Lindsay Burningham who attended the improper Marne Foster fundraiser we exposed on District Deeds!

On Ms. Burninghams’ voice mail we identified ourselves and left a message with our number to request a call back.

President Burningham never returned our call.

Our next step was to search the SDUSD website to find the official “Grievance Form”. NOT surprisingly, under the opaque Marten regime,  the form is not within the SDUSD website on the Labor Relations “Forms and Employee Grievance Policy” page either.

We then called the SDUSD Labor Relations office…twice!

We were told by one staff member that “We don’t give out that form.”

We were rudely told by another staff member “Get a Teacher to give you their SDUSD logon so you can get it off the (“restricted” area of the) District website”.

We decided to not “hack into the SDUSD website improperly and asked a few of our Teacher contacts to attempt to get the form from the SDUSD website and discovered THE GRIEVANCE FORM WAS NOT THERE!

Our last chance was to email the SDUSD Labor Relations Department leadership and  THANKFULLY got a prompt response and a copy of both the “SDEA Grievance Form” and the “SDEA Grievance Procedure Proof of Service” form.

District Deeds NOTE: Luckily we had already received copies of the forms from our SDUSD contacts but decided to go through the form acquisition process to clearly identify the ease (or lack thereof) of access to the forms.

Here is the Grievance Form:

SDEA Grievance Form

Here is the “Proof of Service”:

SDEA Grievance Procedure Proof of Service


We then called to better understand the nuanced legacies and legends process for Teachers to grieve offenses for SDUSD violations of their contractual rights.

Along the way we have discovered four derogatory “legacy and legend” processes that actually serve as a ROADBLOCK to the rights of Teachers…and to the benefit of SDUSD and SDEA LEADERSHIP.

According to our sources, in the SDEA/SDUSD Contract it appears that Teachers: 

  • Are not contractually required to use the SDEA created “Issue Intake Form” to file a Grievance.
  • Are able to file a grievance directly without going through a “site or program Association Representative” (AR).
  • Do not have to request the Grievance Forms from their AR…especially now that they are on District Deeds!
  • Can bring ANYONE into the Grievance as your Representative..it DOES NOT have to be your AR. 

District Deeds is HONORED to help ALL SDUSD Stakeholders to legally stand up for their rights and to add this Grievance Process information to our Complaints Archive to the benefit of Teachers, one of the primary and important groups of SDUSD Stakeholders.

We want to THANK all of our contacts who contributed information to this post and please continue to send us ways to hold the SDUSD top 1%…the SDUSD and SDEA Leadership… to the highest of transparent, collaborative and legal standards.

Keep watching District Deeds while we investigate and expose the many SDUSD offenses that violate your contractual, legal, ethical and moral rights!


If your family has been injured by the San Diego Unified School District, go to the District Deeds Complaint Forms page to find instructions to fight for your Civil Rights!



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