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Watergate brought down the administration of Richard M. Nixon.  The break-in at the Watergate Hotel was a crime…but that was not the reason Nixon was impeached and had to resign the office of President.  The Coverup of Nixon Administration participation brought it down.

On April 14, 1973, Ehrlichman told the president that, based on his own investigation of the Watergate cover-up, “there were eight or 10 people around [the White House] who knew about this, knew it was going on.” He told Nixon that “Bob [Haldeman] knew, I knew, all kinds of people knew.”

-“The Nixon Defense – What He Knew and When He Knew it” by John W. Dean

Fostergate SHOULD bring down the administration of Cindy Marten.  The false $250,000 claim by Former Trustee Marne Foster was a crime…but that is not the reason San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten SHOULD BE FIRED.  The COVERUP of the false Foster $250,000 Claim SHOULD bring her down.

Who knew Foster was behind the $250,000 claim against the district?

Everyone. Superintendent Cindy Marten knew Foster was going to submit the claim before she filed it, and informed the rest of the school board of Foster’s plans both before and after the claim was filed. Marten also told Andra Donovan, the district’s general counsel, records show.

Mario Koran – Voice of San Diego

What Mario Koran left out is the “extention” of his question.

Who knew the $250,000 claim against the district was fake and when did they know?

All the evidence in the District Attorney Search Warrant points to:

Everyone…SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Martin AND the Board of Education HAD to suspect it was a fake virtually from the beginning (May, 2014 – just before Principal Lizarraga was removed) …BUT THEY LAUNCHED NO INVESTIGATION  AND REPORTED IT TO NO ONE FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS despite MULTIPLE opportunities.

 The FOSTERGATE Reality – District Deeds

Superintendent Cindy Marten and the Board:

  • Did not report it to the District Attorney immediately and only later when they were put under oath.
  • Did not tell The San Diego Grand Jury in the SDUSD SCPA Response a year later.
  • Did not inform Stakeholders though the SCPA Response by Marten a year and a half later.


A $250,000 fraud was COVERED UP by appointed and elected officials to protect an SDUSD Board Member and let her continue to abuse her power!

As the appointed chief executive officer of the SDUSD, based on this cover up alone, Cindy Marten should be fired.

As the elected Public Officials, based on this cover up alone, Federal, State and County Law Enforcement Officials need to investigate and prosecute. if necessary. the ENTIRE San Diego Board of Education for NOT REPORTING the fake claim.

“Looking Forward” in the San Diego Unified School District cannot occur until the crimes of the past have been rectified and the perpetrators brought to justice.

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FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!




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