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Marten Crest

It is time for Superintendent Cindy Marten to “GET FIRED”!

In a BLOCKBUSTER in the District Attorney Search Warrant revealed by numerous San Diego news outlets including the San Diego Union Tribune, NBC 7 News San Diego and the Voice of San Diego, FORMER Trustee Marne Foster tried to pressure Superintendent Cindy Marten to pay the fraudulent $250,000 claim against the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD)!!!

Here is the 33 page Warrant with no attachments  from the San Diego Union Tribune (allows key word PDFsearch):

UT – San Diego District Attorney Search Warrant for Marne Foster and the San Diego Unified School District

Here is the 53 page Warrant with attachments  from Voice of San Diego (no key word PDF word search):

VOSD – San Diego District Attorney Search Warrant for Marne Foster and the San Diego Unified School District


What was the response of the accomplice  Superintendent Marten when she was confronted by Foster with obvious coercion and manipulation of a fraudulent $250,000 Claim?

According to the warrant Marten responded:

“That’s Weird”


That is ALL Cindy Marten had to SAY?

That is ALL Cindy Marten

decided to DO?


Is that you Superintendent?

Superintendent Cindy Marten

Knowing all this Superintendent Cindy Marten:

  • Allowed the suspension of SCPA Counselor Kim Abagat

  • Sanctioned the removal of SCPA Principal Mitzi Lizarraga

  • DID NOT file a complaint with the District Attorney for Foster’s illegal actions and actually COVERED IT UP!

  • DID NOT report it to the SDUSD Board of Education!

  • DID NOT reveal it to the San Diego Grand Jury and actually refuted it by saying that controls were in place and nothing was wrong!

  • DID NOT include the incident in the 61 page Data Dump in response to the SCPA issues.

  • DID NOT tell the $40,000 Private Investigator that provided the SCPA report.

  • Intentionally ALLOWED the false 61 page SCPA report to go out to TRUSTING SDUSD STAKEHOLDERS as FALSE PROOF OF JUSTIFICATION for her improper support of Fosters actions at SCPA.

Superintendent Cindy Marten MUST BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY for ACTIVELY helping Foster cover up HER ILLEGAL ACTIONS and hiding ALL of it from the SDUSD Board of Education, the SDUSD Stakeholders and the San Diego Taxpayers!

DO NOT let Marne Foster be the SCHOOL BOARD SCAPEGOAT for Cindy Marten!



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