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San Diego Unified Trustee Marne Foster Convicted!!!


According to numerous news sources, San Diego Unified School District Trustee Marne Foster has been found GUILTY and has been forced to resign her position on the SDUSD School Board!

District Deeds has been exposing the violations of FORMER Trustee Foster’s and Superintendent Cindy Marten’s violations since June of 2015.

According to a report on NBC 7 San Diego titled Embattled SDUSD Board Trustee Must Resign in Guilty Plea Agreement

An embattled SDUSD board member, accused of holding a fundraiser to pay for her son’s school tuition, entered a guilty plea to one count of receiving gifts in excess of the legal limit Tuesday, the San Diego County District Attorney’s office said. A judge ordered Marne Foster to resign her position on the SDUSD school board.

Because of an agreement made, she will be placed on three years probation and must resign. Her resignation was tendered this morning and is effective Feb. 7. Foster will not be allowed to run for any office for four years.

Foster was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and will have to pay a fine and restitution, according to the DA’s office.

Foster’s resignation took effect TODAY:


Now is the time for Trustee Richard Barerra, Trustee Kevin Beiser, Trustee John Lee Evans and Trustee Michael McQuary to FULLY restore trust in the SDUSD leadership and hold Superintendent Cindy Marten accountable for her BOARD BYLAW VIOLATIONS in improperly supporting FORMER Trustee Marne Foster with the removal of Principal Lizarraga and the suspension of Counselor Kim Abagat

DO NOT let Marne Foster be the scapegoat for CINDY MARTEN!!!

Stay tuned…MORE to follow!


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