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Cindy! We didn’t say Pertinent MISINFORMATION!!!

In a report provided today titled “Supt. Marten’s Response to the Board of Education Regarding Leadership Changes at SCPA“, Supt. Marten attempted to weave inaccuracies, partial truths and outright lies into a narrative obviously crafted to save her $300,000 job with the District and maybe try to lessen the charges against Trustee Marne Foster.

At the SDUSD Board of Educations request, Marten INVESTIGATED HERSELF and as we predicted, found herself and Trustee Foster were innocent on all charges.


As we did with the ridiculous San Diego Unified Response to the San Diego County Grand Jury, District Deeds will dissect the Marten Statement and expose the laughable logic she is trying to use as an alibi for herself and Foster.

Stay Tuned!

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