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In an EXTREMELY LIMITED first step towards justice and transparency, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Board of Education finally admitted that they MIGHT have a LIMITED problem with Board President/Trustee Marne Foster but have given Superintendent Cindy Marten “Permission to Slip Out of Investigation”.

Here is that statement:

Closed Session Board Statement

As a shortcut, the 312 word Board of Education Statement only needs a 24 word District Deeds Translation and a Porky Pig reference:

Foster might be guilty of fraud, Marten and Foster were not guilty at SCPA and we will let Marten investigate herself to prove it…and “that’s all folks!”

“District Deeds Translation

During the Public Comment section of the Trustee Foster/Supt. Marten Scandal-SDUSD Special Closed Session, District Deeds was at the Education Center and witnessed some impassioned speakers on both sides of the issue.

Many members of the District E community were supportive of Foster and asked for “Due Process” and not a trial by media. They mentioned the many excellent programs and services and representation she had provided to the community.  Many of their pleas were rooted in years, sometimes decades, of friendship and community bonds.  They were very well presented and sincere. 

Other Stakeholders were convinced of Foster’s violations and requested the removal of Foster.  The requests ranged from an independent investigation and Due Process to the removal of Foster as Board President and her immediate resignation.  They ALSO were very well presented and sincere.

BOTH groups had one thing in common…

That Supt. Cindy Marten MUST BE INVESTIGATED.

Folks from the District E Community noted that Foster HAS NO AUTHORITY  to remove Principals or suspend counselors…only the Operations of Supt. Cindy Marten had that authority.

Folks from the Foster is Guilty group ALSO stressed that Foster HAD NO AUTHORITY, but insisted Foster was equally responsible because she used her power and influence improperly.


It goes like this:

1.  Foster’s activities in the “brothers2college” Fundraiser and the “forged” $250.000 claim will be investigated by an independent private investigator.

Do you recall the last time we heard of a Marten investigator in the SDUSD?

He sued Cindy Marten!!!

And what qualifies as “Independent” when the the SDUSD REJECTED the most INDEPENDENT investigation in the County?  How can ANY SDUSD Stakeholder trust the results of an Investigator HAND PICKED by the Board THAT HAS COVERED THESE SCANDALS UP?

Why doesn’t the SDUSD just follow the suggestions of the County Grand Jury:

15-34: Establish the position of Ombudsman as part of a newly developed independent confidential process for all employees to report and resolve complaints in the district without fear of reprisals.

15-35: Establish an Ethics Review Panel independent of the San Diego Unified Schools District to monitor Board Member actions.”

“San Diego Grand Jury Recommendation

This is a PERMANENT solution to an ongoing problem instead of a one-time “patch” for scandals that will surely occur over and over again in the SDUSD

2. The Board has authorized the Superintendent to release all pertinent information regarding what has transpired at SCPA over the past two to three years.

The Board is suggesting to ALL Stakeholders that CINDY MARTEN, the PERSON MOST LIKELY TO LOSE HER JOB for her operational support of the improper Foster interventions at SCPA, is to determine WHAT IS PERTINENT INFORMATION regarding what has transpired at SCPA.




ONE Question:

Does a Psychologist allow the Patient to DETERMINE WHAT IS PERTINENT INFORMATION in their diagnosis?

This HAS to be one of the more RIDICULOUS and POORLY THOUGH OUT suggestions in the history of the San Diego Unified School District!

And Vice-President Trustee John Lee Evans is a Clinical Psychologist…we should ask HIM!

AGAIN…the Grand Jury “Ombudsman and Ethics Review Panel” suggestion is EXACTLY the answer.  Have the Ombudsman empanel independent experts NOT chosen by the Board to review ALL SCPA Personnel Documents AND all the termination/disciplinary paperwork created by Marten, Fulcher and Lamont Jackson to determine the truth.

In other words…


The District E Community, the SCPA, Lincoln and other Victims…and even MARNE FOSTER AND CINDY MARTEN deserve NO LESS! 

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