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Handwriting Forensics

Did Trustee Marne Foster Fill Out The $250,000 Claim?

After all the denials by Trustee Foster and the stunning development of her Ex, John Marsh, claiming that Foster used his signature to illegally file the document without his approval, District Deeds decided that some amateur forensics work should be employed to see if it was even possible that Foster filled out the form.

With the help of my son Francis, an amateur Handwriting Analyst and Video Producer, we took two different documents and compared the writing to see if there was a match.

The first document we reviewed was the $250,000 claim document that you can review here:  Marsh_Complaint.  This is the document that Marne DENIED having anything to do with.

The second document is a California Form 460 – a Schedule A Monetary Contributions form that details contributions that Foster received as part of her “Marne Foster for San Diego Unified School Board 2016” fundraiser that was advertised through the Facebook link on her SDUSD Profile just like the College Tuition Fundraiser.  Here is that document:  Marne Form 460

To give Foster the benefit of the doubt, we decided to go with the hypothesis that Mr. Marsh actually DID fill out the Complaint form and that Foster is innocent.  That being the case, there should be NO MATCH between the two documents since it is very doubtful that Foster would have her homeless ex filling out her official Campaign Contributions documents

After reviewing both documents, he decided to concentrate on small strokes that tend to identify writing patterns.  The letters and combinations he chose and analyzed were:

  • The capital “A”
  • The lower case “e”
  • The lower case Double C “cc”
  • The upper case “R”

Here is the comparison of the “A”

The A

You will notice that on the Marne 460 Form on the left and the Marsh Claim on the right, the cross stroke on the “A” extends slightly past the right side of the letter.  The pattern is repeated 9 times on the 460 Form and 7 times on the claim.  This is a striking similarity, enough to say that they COULD be written by the same person…but it is only one letter…so let’s continue.

Let’s go to the “E”

The E

In this analysis the lower case “e” has the unique feature of almost always connecting with the next letter…it rarely stands alone.  It matches that pattern 7 times on the 460 Form and 11 times on the Marsh Claim form.  That is two documents that show pretty strong evidence that both documents were filled out by the same person.

Lets move on to the lower case Double C “cc”…

Double C

Obviously double lower case “cc” is a rarer combination but the documents included a few examples…1 on the 460 Form and 2 on the Claim  The unique feature on the lower case “cc” is that the two are always CONNECTED TOGETHER.  Since it is a rare combination there would need to be a larger sample size but again it is a compelling similarity that, with the other matches point to a single author.

The final comparison is the upper case “R”…

The R

The R in Foster’s 2016 Election Campaign contributor Trustee Richard Barrera and the R in the name of Robyne, the counselor at SCPA who apparently was willing to testify against her colleague and her Principal have an identical upper case “R” in their name as it is written. Besides the overall shape similarity, notice the top of the “R” that begins to the left side of the letter.  In addition the right “leg of the “R” is slightly longer in each single example in the documents.  The upper Case “R” is identical in both documents in our amateur opinion.

District Deeds Assessment

Given the many similarities we believe that the handwriting was written by one person.  By deduction, it is very doubtful that Foster has empowered her homeless ex to fill out her Campaign Contributions form therefore SOMEONE ELSE filled out both, NOT John Marsh.

That narrows it down to Marne and an unnamed third-party.  Whomever filled it out and submitted it without John Marsh’s permission has falsified the claim and violated California Penal Code Section 72 with fines up to $10,000 and imprisonment for not more than one year.

So who did it…who filled out both forms?

Is John Marsh REALLY handling Marne’s Campaign Contributions paperwork?

Did Marne do it and will soon be running a “Legal Fund” Fundraiser from a Facebook link on her District Profile?

Did a mysterious 3rd party submit the forms…Only the Shadow Knows!

Or do YOU have a theory on who filled out both documents?

Maybe Cindy Marten…she helped her everywhere else operationally!

How about Bob Filner…he has a lot of time..and other things…on his hands!

Here you go…have fun!

ALERT!  If ANYONE has a handwritten note signed by Marne Foster, we are willing to MATCH ALL THREE DOCUMENTS!


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