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According to the blistering editorial by the San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board (UT) titled “San Diego School Board President Shows Awful Judgment” , San Diego Unified School District Board President/Trustee Marne Foster fundraising activity “obliterates fundamental concepts about how elected officials discharge their responsibilities.”

The Editorial compares Fosters’ Tuition Fundraiser for her sons to the Sweetwater Union High School District Superintendent who held a Wedding Shower for his daughter with District Contractors and Employees and which eventually led to his dismissal.

The Editorial also names SDUSD Trustee John Lee Evans and the SDEA (Teachers) Union President as attendees…along with other Contractors that have substantial business interests with the SDUSD that Foster helps approve in her Trustee role.

The UT also calls out the other SDUSD Board Members and Superintendent by stating:

“Unfortunately, but predictably, Foster’s awful decision has prompted no blowback from her board colleagues (John Lee Evans, Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser and Michael McQuary) or from Superintendent Cindy Marten. This abdication of responsible governance was foreshadowed by their previous tolerance of Foster’s grossly improper bullying of staff members at the School of Creative and Performing Arts over matters involving one of her sons.”

THIS is the SAME “Know Nothing” Board of Education and Superintendent that District Deeds has been investigating and EXPOSING for over a year for their actions at SCPA and a list of other issues that are finally ALSO being reported by the UT for what they REALLY are.

And to top it all off….

The UT has not…and no other news outlet has yet to discover or report on the POLITICAL Fundraiser on June 7, 2015 that MAY HAVE VIOLATED THE SAME RULES AS we outlined here:

CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION CODE VIOLATIONS? SDUSD Trustee Marne Foster Used Her Profile on SDUSD Website as Portal Link to Re-Election/Personal Fundraisers!!!

We will let you know when they do!

The final sentence in the UT editorial says it all:

“We hope legal authorities are paying attention – and voters, too. This isn’t how government is supposed to work.”


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