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Since District Deeds posted  SDUSD – Marten PURGE Blockbuster – PINK SLIP BLUNDER: Pink Slips and Private Personnel Information Sent To WRONG ADDRESSES!!!, Channel 10 News uncovered a breach in student records confidentiality in a news item titled “Parent says SD Unified gave confidential information to another family

According to the news report, “A parent contacted Team 10 after they say the office tasked with handling complaints at the San Diego Unified School District gave their child’s confidential information to another parent.”

Apparently the Marten “Quality Assurance Department” is short on Quality with NO Assurance that ANY of the approximately 4,300 complaints handled so far this year have protected the families with the complaints from retribution or been resolved appropriately.

Between the  PINK SLIP BLUNDER that compromised Principal confidential records and now this QUALITY ASSURANCE BLUNDER, CONFIDENTIALITY is only assured when Marten and her Inner Circle Cronies are trying to cover something up…like getting rid of any and all Principals and Senior Administrators (see  Brain Drain) that have better credentials that themselves.

Three things have become crystal clear:

1.  Marten’s lack of large District administrative protocol experience is compromising confidentiality and trust at all levels of the SDUSD.

2.  The Marten inspired “Quality Assurance Department” is just another poorly planned, ill-conceived financial drain on the SDUSD…already growing to 10 full headcount to service 4,300 complaints.  As an example, the disbanded GATE Department never had more than 7 headcount and served over 25,000 students and tested thousands more….in other words…did a better jonb with 1/3 less staffing.

3.  Lastly, this Quality Assurance Department financial drain has ZERO accountability to SDUSD Stakeholders.  There is no reporting data on ANY of the over 4,300 complaints (i.e.: Type of Complaint, Location of Complaint, Resolution Code, etc.) so as far as SDUSD Stakeholders know, NONE of the complaints have been resolved to any acceptable level of completion.

It’s amazing that the incompetent Marten can continue to make blunder after blunder by not knowing how to fully administer her job with no Board of Education reprimand.

To paraphrase the immortal words of a Football Coach after another embarrassing loss:  “What does it take to get a Superintendent fired around here?