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Today, 2/28/2015, the 2 Year Anniversary of her ill-advised, ill-conceived promotion with no experience or credentials to San Diego Unified School District Superintendent, Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten has decided to attempt her first Miracle…Time Travel…or be in violation of Title 1 Guidelines for SPSA’s!

Multiple SDUSD employee sources at different administrative levels within San Diego Unified have confirmed that Marten, EXPOSED by District Deeds (link:  http://wp.me/p4LD0L-ig ) and fearful of the negative consequences of NOT submitting Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA’s) for the current 2014/2015 school year REQUIRED BY FEDERAL TITLE 1 GUIDELINES has decided to jump into her Time Machine and HAVE Principals RECREATE 2014/2015 SPSA’s with 2/3’s of the2014/2015 school year finished!

District Deeds EXPOSED Marten on February 10, 2015…a little over two weeks ago.  The quote from the District Deeds post from that day is as follows:

“Predetermined decisions by a select group of District Senior Staff IS NOT CONSULTATION WITH STAKEHOLDERS.  Over the last two years the trend to eliminate real Stakeholder involvement has been dramatically increased.

This Marten and SDUSD Senior Staff strategy is in complete opposition to Federal, State, and SDUSD guidelines for shared consultation with the Stakeholder community.

As an example of just one of the lawful instructions being violated, review pages 14 and 15, numbers 11. 12, 16 and 17 of the 2014/15 Title 1, Part A, Individual Application Guidelines, Instructions and Assurances here:  Title1 Part A, App Guidelines


Another document that District Deeds uncovered through the assistance of a valuable contributor (thank you David Page!) is the following quote from the California Department of Education in its SPSA Guide Part 1

“EC Section 64001 specifies that schools and districts that receive state and federal or other applicable funding through the district’s Consolidated Application (ConApp) process prepare a SPSA for any recipient school. The SPSA is a blueprint to improve the academic performance of all students. SPSA specifics are also included in the Federal Program Monitoring process.”

NO SDUSD Board of Educuation Approval of 2014/2015 SPSA’s for schools receiving Title 1 funds in June, 2014…ABSOLUTE PROOF of the MARTEN VIOLATION!

Marten APPARENTLY got the “Legal” message and as usual, ignored the “Ethical” one

Unless she can really perform the miracle of Time Travel, Marten, through her blundering, has put the SDUSD at risk financially (through fines and sanctions) for violating the Title 1 Guidelines…and knowingly pulled all the Principals and the Board of Education into her cover up as accomplices in her violation.

REMEMBER…this was all triggered by the ill-advised, abrupt removal of ELST’s thereby gutting the primary strategies of many SPSA’s with no consultation or notice of advisory groups or the school communities during graduation week on June 9th, 2014.  Here is a link to the District Deeds description of the event: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-4J

What a disgrace to have 107,000 Students denied an SPSA with strategies to help the most struggling students for the 2014/2015 School Year.

What a betrayal of ALL the SDUSD Principals who are commanded to become accomplices in her COVER-UP with the insult of being forced to improperly fabricate history…or lose their job.

What insubordination of Board Members Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans, Marne Foster, and Richard Barrera to expect them to collude with her COVER-UP and approve SPSA’s created after the fact making the 2014/2015 SPSA documents FOR ALL THE SDUSD SCHOOLS ILLEGITIMATE.

What a jarring welcome to the magically incompetent  world of Cindy Marten for new Board Member Dr. Michael McQuary.

What a fitting illustration and perfect example of Cindy Marten on her 2 Year Anniversary.