One of our our school site contacts recently cc’d us on an email he had sent to Marten and the Board of Education.  This individual was able to speak his mind directly to the board without any fear of reprisal because he is not employed by the District and is pretty free from SDUSD leadership intimidation and gag orders that they use on a regular basis against Principals, Teachers and District/Site Staff.

When we received the email, I decided to “reply to all” and put my 2 cents in (as I have always had a tendency to do).

This gave us an idea..

What if ALL SDUSD Stakeholders could communicate to the SDUSD Leadership their REAL and VALID feelings and concerns without any fear of reprisal?

To answer that question we came up with “OPEN LETTERS TO THE SDUSD”.

This is YOUR chance to speak freely and directly to the SDUSD.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Write an email expressing your feelings and concerns to the SDUSD leadership individuals of your choice. (please follow the District Deeds Blog “Contact and Notification” guidelines (https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/contact-and-notification-info/)

Step 2: Decide if you want to use your name or if you need to stay anonymous.

If using your own name, go to step 3a.

If using an alias, go to Step 3b

Step 3a – Using your own name option:This is very simple.  Send your email to all of the District Leadership and just “cc” District Deeds (districtdeeds@gmail.com).

On your correspondence, include the following phrase:

“I am copying District Deeds on this message and  have given District Deeds permission to post this correspondence on the District Deeds Blog.”

I will “reply to all” with my additional “2 cents” and post both emails in the blog so ALL SDUSD Stakeholders know they are not alone with their concerns.

If we get a response from the SDUSD, you can decide whether you want to have it added or not…just let us know.

Step 3b – Using an alias option:  This option is also very simple.  Send your message to District Deeds via email.  We will coipy your message word for word and send it to the SDUSD individual you request.

Please include the following phrase:

“I am concerned that I will recive some sort of negative consequence for being completely honest in trying to improve the education of ALL children in the SDUSD so I am authorizing District Deeds to send this to you through their email and given District Deeds permission to post this correspondence on the District Deeds Blog.”

If you are concerned that you will face some sort of repercussion or stigma from the SDUSD by sharing your feelings and concerns, District Deeds will send it to the SDUSD for you!Use the following  to the district, we will publish your communication WITH YOUR APPROVAL ONLY and send a response similar to the one below.

ALL SDUSD Stakeholders  – Parents, Principals, Teachers, District/Site Staff and Community Members – are welcome to use the District Deeds Open Letter” process. The only exception are Student messages thaT will only be sent if co-authored by their Parent/Guardian.

These are the general “Guidelines” for the Open Letter.  We reserve the right to fact check make adjustments with mutual justification, and protect SDUSD Staff that are victims of SDUSD Leadership abuse and that are forced to cooperate or lose their job.

We will be posting this information on the header portion of the blog under “Open Letters to the SDUSD Guidelines”