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Marten Crest

Everywhere I look lately I see Cindy Marten in a Photo Op.

Cindy Marten in the stands clapping…

Cindy Marten on stage smiling…

Cindy Marten marching in the Gay Pride Parade…

Cindy Marten in a play field with kids eating lunch…

Her face constantly in front of a camera.

Hey Cindy!

You are in the wrong Field!

You are supposed to be a SUPERINTENDENT…not a SUPER MODEL!

You should try visiting Field Elementary…you know ..that elementary school on Bannock Avenue in Clairemont.  There aren’t a lot of cameras there…not much of a chance for a photo op…just a bunch of committed parents, teachers and students who are still wondering why the Principal that they loved and that had taken them so far disappeared without a trace.

They did come and tell you that they wanted…needed her back…yeah…at that Board Meeting on June 10th…right before you denied their children from having her at their graduation.  They brought banners, they painted their cars, they waited 4 1/2 hours to speak and they tried to use their precious 1 minute in front of the Board wisely to explain how much that principal did for them in the past year…and had hope you would change your mind and bring her back to their school.

Here is the proof:

Their Kids wanted her back.  The Teachers wanted her back.  The Parents wanted her back.

The ones that have spent every school day in the past year watching her give everything she had to them and their kids – long days – sometimes into the night-trying and succeeding in making their school so, so much better.

But last week they got their final answer from you.  A principal selection criteria meeting for Teachers and Parents.  And the new Area Superintendent…new to the SDUSD…a pleasant knowledgeable individual trying to be helpful was placed, for the very first time, in the position you have continually placed almost all the excellent Professional Educators in the SDUSD over the last year due to your inexperience and lack of credentials:

In front of unhappy School Site stakeholders trying to defend the indefensible position you put her in – her new job as a Used Car Salesperson.   https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/trust-us-or-how-the-sdusd-senior-leadership-team-turns-professional-educators-into-used-car-salespersons/

I was at that meeting that night…my first time on their campus…and thereby on the campus more than you were this complete past year.

You must have been in another Field for another picture this past year since you never made one trip to the school.


And when that energetic, smart, Area Superintendent that you threw in front of the Field Elementary Community to do your bidding asked:

“What traits do you want in your new Principal?” she was told:

“We want our principal back…it is dumb to try and replace her with someone with all the same traits.”

And when that energetic, smart, Area Superintendent that you threw in front of the Field Elementary Community to do your bidding was asked:

“How did the District decide to remove the Principal at Field Elementary based on 3 total visits over a 6 year period by the Area Superintendent and NONE by Superintendent Marten?”

Her reply was:  “I don’t know, I am new.”

She caught on quick! 

Sounds like the excuse you have been making for the last year…except…of course…when there is a photo op.