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Marten Crest


This blogger has spoken to a number of SDUSD “Middle Managers” (Area Superintendents, Principals, Vice Principals, Senior Administrators) over the last year.  In virtually every case, at one point or another, that individual has been forced into being a Used Car Salesperson and they each made a variation of the Sales Pitch forced on them by Superintendent Marten and approved by Board members Beiser, Evans, Barrera, Barnett and Foster.

These poor Used Car Salespersons nee Professional Educators have a tough job.

First they have to repossess (reassign or eliminate)  a loved possession from the owners with no viable justification:

A Quality Principal

A Needed ELST

A Valuable Support Program

And then, by the out of touch Sales Manager/Superintendent,  they are thrown in front of those very same disappointed and angry  “Owners”  of the District…

The Parents and Students

The Teachers

The Staff

The Community Members

And are forced to say, for fear of being FIRED on the spot:

“We know the last time you trusted us we took away everything you had with no conscience or notice but now, give us your opinion on what we can take away next and entrust us with your most valuable possession, your children, as collateral.”

“Trust Us!”

In this bloggers true opinion, most of these Professional Educators are really intelligent, skilled, goodhearted and honest individuals who want only the best for the Students but are forced into supporting an unsupportable regime to keep their jobs

It is time for them to say ENOUGH and take every opportunity to expose this SDUSD regime for the tyranny it is!

I welcome and will publish their stories with complete confidentiality.

If they don’t stand up to the District soon, eventually they will be the next to  be “repossessed”.

Trust Us.