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The following list was provided to Lamont Jackson, Area Superintendent-Area E, during the SCPA Community meeting on Wednesday, July 9, 2014. In this bloggers opinion, Principal Lizarraga is the only one who fits this profile AND has proven she can implement it at SCPA.

Any individual placed as Principal at SCPA with fewer credentials is sending a direct message to the 1,350 Students at SCPA that your education, your future and your lives mean less to Superintendent Cindy Marten and Board Members Beiser, Barnett, Barrera, Evans and especially Foster than “moving resources where they can do the best for the District”.

The Principal chosen for SCPA must meet or exceed the following credentials:


  • Clear California Administrative Credential
  • Preliminary Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential
  • Certificate of Completion Principals’ Center for Educational Leadership
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Masters of Arts


  • 25 years as a Principal in a nationally renowned Arts focused School or Academy
  • 5 Years CEO of a nationally renowned Arts Academy
  • 8 Years as a performer in an Arts and/or Performance discipline
  • 8 years as an instructor in an Arts and/or Performance disipline
  • 4 years VP Level – Finance or Banking Corporation


  • 14 Appointments to National and Regional Arts Organization Board of Directors as President, Vice-President and Member
  • 9 Appointments to a wide variety of Regional, State and National Committees, Advisory Boards and Leadership Organizations including GATE, Performance Artists (Theatre, Dance, Opera) and Black Mayors

Political Appointments

Multiple State Commission on the Arts – (appointed by two State House Speakers of the General Assembly)

  • Member of the Executive Committee
  • Nominating Chair
  • Advisory Board Committee
  • Awards Panel


  • 7 including Fullbright Awards Scholar

Conference Presentations

  • Numerous (more than 7) national presentations in many venues including The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Numerous (more than 3) presentations in international venues including North America, Europe and Far East
  • Wide ranging presentation subjects including
  • Vision, Structure, Communication, Organization – Mission Impossible?
  • International Student & Teacher Exchange Programs in Arts-Focused Schools


  • Published as contributor and author in multiple (more than 2) books
  • Published numerous (more than 10) Articles and Op-Ed in newspapers

Management/Operational Style

  • Principal must have ALL the skills necessary to balance an arts and general education curriculum while collaborating with ALL stakeholders, including Parents, Teachers, Students, Staff and Community to help students achieve the very highest level of educational and artistic performance.