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District Deeds Community Dialogue

When District Deeds attended the Public Comment section of the Trustee Foster/Supt. Marten Scandal-SDUSD Special Closed Session, we heard MANY good points by the District E Community and other Foster supporters regarding the reasons why Foster should not be penalized for her actions…especially for the College Tuition Fundraiser.

One of the more eloquent speakers mentioned how the College Tuition Fundraiser was part of the fabric of their community and that Foster was just following in a long tradition of the community helping each other to get their children to college.  He invited the listeners to come to his community to witness this support so they could better understand Foster’s REAL intent.

District Deeds absolutely believes in the sincerity of that speaker and understood the reasons why Foster’s supporters would be insulted that she might be penalized for trying to help her sons.

With that, District Deeds decided to research Non-Profit Fundraising in relationship to elected officials and found an article in Non-Profit Quarterly that actually describes the LEGAL issues surrounding the Foster Fundraiser specifically.

Non-Profit Quarterly describes itself in the following way:

The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) is an independent, nonprofit news organization that has been serving nonprofit leaders, charitable foundations, educators, independent activists, and others involved in the civil sector for more than fifteen years. NPQ’s guiding philosophy is that an active, engaged, and sometimes disruptive civil sector is critical to a healthy democracy in the same way that a free and independent press is.NPQ is striving to be the authoritative independent news source for civil society, and we will only get there with your involvement.

The article titled “Bad Fundraising Lands School Board President and Nonprofit in Ugly Mess” by Michael Wyland, a highly regarded expert with ” more than thirty years of experience in corporate and government public policy, management, and administration” had the following to say about the Foster Fundraiser:

Improper influence by a public official is an important aspect to the story, but those familiar with the nonprofit world will see a variety of other serious ethical and potentially legal issues illustrated here. Foster represented the event as charitable and deductible, even though she organized it to support two particular individuals. The IRS does not allow gifts to benefit an individual to be deductible. Running the event through a local 501(c)(3), the C. Anthony Cole Repertory Dance Theatre, doesn’t make the gifts any more deductible.

We urge ALL SDUSD Stakeholders to read the article IN FULL and provide feedback in a District Deeds Comment of your observations.

Hopefully through the article and continued dialogue with ALL SDUSD Stakeholders, we can try to provide some answers to the “Why should Marne Foster be investigated for a common community event?” question.

That honest dialogue will help us ALL better understand WHY the administration of the responsibilities and authority of an elected official office also comes with a MUCH WIDER RANGE  of LEGAL scrutiny and review.

We will REPEAT what we said in the Trustee Foster/Supt. Marten Scandal-SDUSD Special Closed Session Recap:


The District E Community, the SCPA, Lincoln and other Victims…and even MARNE FOSTER AND CINDY MARTEN deserve NO LESS! 

District Deeds welcomes that dialogue with ALL SDUSD Stakeholders.

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